Lilly Sale Day 2: Thoughts, What I Purchased, & What's Still in Stock

Y’all, I have never been so happy with a Lilly sale! It was the first time in Lilly sale history that their site hasn’t crashed on opening day! Go Lilly go! The variety of items they included in the sale was also amazing, and I got everything I put in my cart!

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I published my blog post a little bit earlier yesterday than I typically do, so that we could be sure to click on that link and get our spot in line! So as soon as my post went live at 6:00, I shared it on Facebook and clicked the link to be taken to the virtual line. Once 7:00 hit, I was told my wait time was less than 1 minute on my laptop and 13 minutes on my phone. I clearly used my laptop!

Not only did the technology behind the sale and the great variety of items included in the sale work for me, but I also appreciated a change they made during this sale. For the first time ever, Lilly released all of the items included in the sale at one time. They usually continue to release new items over the course of the 3 day sale. But this time, they included all of the items in the sale as soon as it went live.

I think this helped items to stay in stock longer, and it made me personally not go crazy. I didn't (and don’t) have to worry about psychotically checking to see if new items were added because there will be no new releases. I love the things I got, and I don’t have to worry about something better coming along and stealing all of my money.

And speaking of money, Capital One sent Parker a text message asking him to confirm my Lilly purchase… he was well aware I was shopping the sale, but they went ahead and told him every cent I spent. This was not the first Lilly sale where this has happened. Capital One should know by now that there will be a Lilly charge twice a year, right?! This sale is too amazing to pass up!

What I Purchased

My mom and I both adored the silk dresses we purchased during the last Lilly sale, so we both knew that we wanted another silk dress if there was one included this time around. The dress of my dreams was included! And it is a totally reasonable price for the quality of the dress. We both purchased this dress, and we also both got the silk top version of the dress.

I also mentioned in a previous post that I would be on the lookout for comfy Lilly dresses. I have been living in them this summer while pregnant, and I absolutely love them while not pregnant too. They are so comfortable and easy to throw on and go, so I purchased 3 more to add to my collection!

What’s Still in Stock

I wrote this post yesterday evening when the things I linked below were still mostly in stock. So it is my hope that these items are still in stock today for those people shopping!



Sweaters, Cardis, & Coats




Thanks so much for reading! I hope your Lilly sale experience has been as wonderful as mine! Have a great day!