The Lilly Pulitzer Sale Starts TODAY!

One of my favorite days of the year is here! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale day! The sale started today at 7 AM central time, so I published my blog post a little earlier than usual. This way, we could go ahead and click on the link below and secure our places in the virtual line!

EDITED- I got into the sale after about 1 minute of wait time! I placed an order, and I'm sure there will be at least one more order placed (possibly more- this is one of the best sales yet!). The adrenaline rush is real! I'm sharing what I purchased, as well as some of my favorite things included in the sale at the bottom of this post!


A few reminders:

-Once you click the link below, do not refresh or click out. If you do that, you will be kicked back to the end of the line and have to start over.

-If you click the link below before 7:00 central time, it will say that they are preparing for the sale and to check back soon. Don't let this fool you! Don't click out! They are reserving your place in line by the time you clicked over to the Lilly site.

-Even if it says you are #639,482 in line once 7:00 hits, don't lose hope! The line typically moves faster than they predict thanks to the impatient people who see the wait time and leave the sale.

-Shop as quickly as you can! Just because something is in your cart does not mean it is yours. You must check out before an item is guaranteed to be yours. However, once you checkout, you have to start back over in line, so make sure you get everything you want while you are in the sale!

-However, if you do place multiple orders, no big deal because shipping is free during the sale!

-Everything is final sale, so make sure you love what you are purchasing! They are not adding new items to the sale like they have in the past. What you see on the site is what they are offering until it sells out in the blink of an eye!

CLICK HERE to be taken to the sale's virtual line!

Happy shopping! I would love to hear what you score!!! Feel free to comment or message me! I'm sharing what I purchased, as well as some of my favorites below! I hope you get everything you want! 

What I Purchased:

Shop My Favorites: