25 Week Bumpdate

I am officially 25 weeks, and pregnancy is definitely feeling real! The bump is here, I’m feeling our baby move, and we are just over 3 months away from meeting this little baby boy! This is a long post today because I tried to update this weekly, so I would remember everything that happened from each week. Here we go!

21 Weeks- 25 Weeks

  • Due Date: December 25, 2018

  • Baby is the size of a: cauliflower (25 weeks), cantaloupe (24 weeks), grapefruit (23 weeks), coconut (22 weeks), endive (21 weeks)- all of this info came from The Bump app

  • Total weight gain: 18 lbs since before baby (What to Expect When You're Expecting suggests gaining 2-4 lbs in the first trimester and 1-1.5 pounds per week in the second trimester.) I'm still on track, but that sounds like a lot! And my doctor said that this month the baby and I will start growing a lot more. The baby is gaining about 6 ounces a week now, which is a huge jump from what it was before.

  • The bump: It is without a doubt there now. Around week 23, Parker made a comment that he could actually tell I had a bump for the first time.

  • Symptoms: No more nausea since week 20, except when I had to drink my glucose drink (more on that below in week 24). Insomnia once I got off my nausea meds. My hips and back started aching. Super vivid dreams. Frequent hunger. Having to go to the bathroom 4 million times during the middle of the night. TMI? Sorry! Wanting to organize/prepare like crazy for baby- my mom told me I was nesting. :)

  • Food cravings: fruit, Gatorade Zero, everything from Chickfila, a slice of cake (thanks commercials- Parker bought me cupcakes and that did the trick)

  • Food aversions: still going strong with the same aversions I’ve had basically the whole time- grilled seafood, grilled chicken, vegetables with a slimy texture (like zucchini), but I’ve also added hot dogs to the list

  • Sleep: Great until I went off my nausea meds. I think my body got dependent on them, so when I stopped taking them, it took about a week to start being able to sleep through the night. There were nights when I would be up from 2-5 AM. NOT fun.

  • What I miss: comfortably bending over to put my shoes on and shave my legs.

  • Movement: I finally started feeling movement consistently around 22 weeks! I felt random little flutters from time to time before that, but I wasn’t positive of what exactly it was until around 22 weeks. Then it started happening every time I got in bed to go to sleep and whenever I sat down on the sofa to watch tv.

  • Maternity clothes: these Zella maternity leggings and OMG I just got these maternity jeans and these maternity jeans in the mail Tuesday, and they are life changing! Quite a few of my regular clothes do not fit anymore, so I’m excited about pulling out my oversized sweaters and tops to wear with my maternity leggings and jeans once we get some cooler weather.

  • What we are most looking forward to: our 3D/4D ultrasound happening at 28 weeks! The doctor said the point of it is to get really cute baby pictures! He said to bring a CD-R if we want to save all of them, so obviously Parker and I went and bought a 10 pack immediately!

  • Apps I've used: Ovia Pregnancy, The Bump, and Glow Nurture. I also used Sprout until 23 weeks when it stopped allowing me to use the free version.

  • Products I've been loving: my Snoogle pregnancy pillow (helps SO much with the achy back and hips when I’m trying to sleep), leggings and sweatshirts (specifically this one), these super comfy slippers that I just got in the mail (if in between sizes, size up), pills for nausea until 24 weeks when I switched to pills for reflux, What to Expect When You're Expecting, I have purchased this cream to prevent stretch marks, but I haven’t used it yet

  • Purchases for baby: I now have a page on my blog under Shop My Favorites called Favorite Baby Items, and that is where I’m sharing the things we have purchased and received so far for our baby! We have received some super sweet gifts, like onesies, swaddles, bubbles, socks, hats, blankets, burp cloths, etc!

Weekly Fun

Week 21- I definitely started showing more in my clothes this week! And my hips started hurting so badly, especially while in bed going to sleep and while in the car on road trips. I had no clue this was a thing. However, What to Expect When You’re Expecting saved the day again. It informed me that it’s technically called round ligament pain, and most expectant moms experience it. I bought this Snoogle pregnancy pillow, and it has been life changing! It allows me to sleep with no pain! And it helps me stay on my sides instead of my back, which I learned you are not supposed to do during pregnancy.

Outfit Details:     Dress     |     Crossbody Bag

Outfit Details: Dress | Crossbody Bag

Week 22- I am finally for sure feeling movement! I think I have felt a few little kicks before this week, but I wasn’t sure what they were. Now, every time I get in bed at night, I feel all kinds of moving going on in there! This also happens throughout the day when I sit down for a few minutes. I came home to Mobile this week for an annual dermatologist appointment (everything was good!) and some fam time! Loved meeting Ebie’s puppy Sophie! I’m definitely hoping Bailey and Rosie do better with a baby than they did with a puppy though... My mom stocked us up on some adorable baby things, Ebie gave us a couple thoughtful gifts she got from the N Sale, and Gr’Ann made our baby boy a blanket- she crocheted the edges. So special! 

Outfit Details:     Dress     |     Crossbody Bag

Outfit Details: Dress | Crossbody Bag

Week 23- This was the first time Parker said he could actually tell I was showing. The bump is definitely here now. Further proof- We went to our friends’ couples shower over the weekend and I tried on somewhere around 5-7 dresses before I found one that fit. Fortunately, I was able to take advantage of some Labor Day sales and stock up on a few items that actually fit! One con- I have to go to the bathroom all day every day and all night every night. Annoying. 


Week 24- Had to take my glucose test. I had heard about how awful the drink tastes, but I hadn’t heard about how it makes you feel. The taste certainly wasn’t good, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I had fruit punch, and it was sort of like a sweeter gatorade with a cough syrupy consistency. The worst part was that about 10 minutes after taking it, I got really jittery, lightheaded, and nauseous. I am beyond thankful that Parker was driving me to my doctor’s appointment because it took all I had to concentrate on not getting sick on the way over there. Once we got there, the bad feeling had mostly subsided. I asked my doctor if it was normal to feel that way, and he said yes- your body isn’t used to chugging that much sugar in such a short period of time. So I’m glad to know that was normal, but it still was definitely not a good feeling. They took my vitals, got my bloodwork, and then we got to talk to the doctor (the best part, we LOVE him!). We were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat with a doppler, and it was in the 130s. That is always so surreal and exciting! He also told me I did not need to take the nausea meds I was taking anymore because that medicine was more for the first trimester. Nausea in the second trimester is typically caused by reflux, so he switched me to Nexium.

Outfit Details:     Dress     |     Crossbody Bag

Outfit Details: Dress | Crossbody Bag

Week 25- Week 24 was such a long update, and I don’t have much for this week so far haha. Week 25 just started on Tuesday, and there's not much to report. Aside from the fact that my maternity jeans came in, and I LOVE them! And after a long week with very little sleep (caused by coming off of the first trimester nausea meds), I am finally sleeping through the night again!

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