The Best Fall Wedges for Under $40

Today I am sharing the wedges that I will be living in for the next few months. I got one style last year (in 2 colors) and one style this year (in 2 colors), and they are both beyond comfortable and affordable! And they both come in several colors and go with basically any fall outfit.

I have to give credit to my mom’s friend, Mrs. Ashley, because she discovered both of these fabulous pairs of shoes! I get asked about my hoop earrings all the time, and they actually came from her! You can click here to check out her jewelry website.

Onto the shoes!

Taupe Wedges

Outfit Details-     Shoes     |     Top     |     Maternity Jeans

Outfit Details- Shoes | Top | Maternity Jeans

Outfit Details-     Shoes     |     Tunic     |     Leggings     |     Sunglasses     |     Crossbody Bag
Outfit Details-     Shoes     |     Pullover     |     Leggings

Outfit Details- Shoes | Pullover | Leggings


I shared this pair of shoes last year (you can click here to see the blog post), and I think it’s pretty safe to say that more people have purchased this pair of shoes from my links than any other item I have ever shared. Every single one of the reviews people have sent me are nothing short of stellar. And understandably so.

A teacher friend told me she purchased them and was able to wear them comfortably the entire school day. I was able to wear them for an entire day of shopping in Memphis- they are so easy to take off and put back on! They are not too tall but not too short, so they are the perfect height for day to day or a night out!

They are also so soft and lightweight that they make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. In all honesty, it takes my feet a while to get used to wearing boots and booties again once the weather cools down. I never have this problem with these shoes. They are that comfortable! And they run true to size- I have them in my normal size 9 in taupe and black.

Hester Open Toe Wedges


This is the pair that I got this year, and they are already selling out in select colors. I always feel so bad when I share something that is selling out, but I thought I should go ahead and share now before they are completely gone! The color I have is called pewter, but they come in several other colors. My mom actually bought the nude color for me yesterday!

Just like the other wedges, these are beyond comfortable and the perfect height! They also run true to size- I have my normal size 9. It looks like all of the colors they come in would be great versatile options that could be worn with countless outfits this fall!

I clearly love these shoes, and I love when I get to share super affordable options with you! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!

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