Wednesday Wishlist: Madewell Edition

Parker rediscovered a favorite hobby of his recently- baseball cards. Growing up with a sister, we enjoyed things like Polly Pockets, American Girl dolls, Barbies, cute erasers, gel pens, all things Hello Kitty, Furbies, Limited Too silky pajamas, etc. I never really knew anything about baseball cards.

I still don't know anything about baseball cards. However, I do know that there is a baseball card store in Germantown half a mile from The Shops of Saddle Creek, which is a shopping center with all of my very favorite stores. Soooo, we have been there at least once a week for the past three weeks. Parker goes to the baseball card store. I go shopping. Win-win! I went to Madewell the last time I was there, so today I have a Madewell wishlist for you. You can click on all words in Italics to be taken directly to the site.

Striped Tie Sleeve Tee-  Found this in the sale room, and I love it! It is the most comfortable material. The tie sleeves are so cute too. I only allowed myself to get one item, so I picked the one I loved most, but I really love this shirt too!

Striped Cold-Shoulder Dress- This dress is on sale too! It is marked down from $138 to $69.99. They also have it in this pretty rose color for $59.99. I don't typically like cold shoulder dresses on me, but I thought this one was cute! Love the neutral colors and bell sleeves.

Embroidered Sunview Dress- Y'all! I NEED this dress. It was a little out of my price range, but I will for sure be watching it and scooping it up when it goes on sale. I think my love of shift dresses is evident, and this one is so light and fun and swingy. Perfect for the hot temperatures of summer. Plus, the bright embroidery and tassels are so fun!

Eyelet Shift Dress- I thought this was a really pretty dress when I picked it up, but it's not my favorite on me. Love the eyelet, the neckline, and the fact that it is lined. Do not love how it makes me feel like a second grader. I think the cinched sleeves made me feel like it was a dress for a little girl. 

Bell-Sleeve Shirtdress- I first picked this up because I loved the sleeves. When I tried it on, I sort of thought I looked like I was in a straight jacket.  : /

Striped Melody Off-the-Shoulder Dress- The last thing I tried on is the one thing I bought. I know, I know- another off the shoulder dress. I just can't get enough of them! I don't have one like this. It's just so easy and comfortable. Easy to dress up or dress down. 

I found a few other items online that I didn't see in the store. I want to add them to my wishlist, so I can go back and check them out when (hopefully) they have a Fourth of July sale soon. Click on the following links if you would like to check them out. There's this bright yellow gingham tunic dress, this striped dress that is almost sold out, this long sleeve tunic dress that is on sale for $59.99, and this huge beach towel blanket. What do y'all think? Thanks so much for reading!