15 Fun Summer Items for Under $25

With the official first day of summer upon us, I decided to write this little summery post. Plus, I'm having withdrawals from the beach, so it was fun to start looking at items in preparation for our upcoming Fourth of July beach trip. An added bonus is that all of the items I have rounded up are under $25. Click on words in Italics to be taken directly to site.

1. Beach Towel Clips- I added these to the list because we are in serious need of them. Every time we go to the pool, Parker cannot handle his towel blowing over his head while we are in our chairs. I bet the beach is even windier. I can't really picture him loving these Nemo ones, but I sure do! And they will serve the purpose of clipping his towel to his chair and holding it in place.

2. Round Beach Towel- I love big, huge beach towels, and round beach towels are all the rage this summer! Isn't this flamingo one cute?!

3. Margarita Pool Float- If you go to the pool/ beach and do not get a picture on an enormous pool float, did you actually even go? (Side note- kidding, I don't own one of these, but I want to!)

4. Cactus Inflatable Ring Toss- My family loves playing games on the beach. This one looks super cute and fun!

5. Floppy HatI have this hat and can't wait to wear it soon! Love how neutral the colors are, so it will go with pretty much everything.

6. Super Goop Fusion Lip Balm- My mom stocked me up on Super Goop products. I love them all, especially this lip balm with sunscreen. Sunburned lips are the worst.

7. Bright Blue Beach Bag- This is such a great price for such a nice, huge beach bag!

8. Slide Sandals with a Bow- JUST spotted these, and oh my goodness- I need them NOW. For my beach trip and every day. 

9. Cocktail Drinkware for the Beach- I got the beer/ cup holders for my fam a couple years ago for Christmas. I just discovered these wine holders for the beach and think we're going to need them now! Just stick them down into the sand, and your drink is sturdy!

10. Tassel Trim Dress- $15! Enough said.

11. Bow Tie Gingham Dress- Gingham, fluted sleeves, bows, $18. Oh my goodness! 

12. Ruffled Bikini Top- This bikini top looks identical to this one at Anthropologie for a fraction of the price!

13. Swim Skirt- I have been loving swim skirts the past couple years, and this one looks pretty fab! 

14. Animal Print Bikini Top- Does anyone else love animal print?  

15. Animal Print Bikini Bottoms- I obviously do! 

Is there anything I'm missing? I did find several other items that were either over $25 or did not fit in my collage, but I'm pretty excited about the deals I did find! I'm going to need numbers 1-4 and 7-15. I only excluded number 5 and 6 because I already own them. Help! I love shopping and finding good deals way too much! Thanks so much for reading. Happy summer!