Three Things Thursday

Back today with my second Three Things Thursday post. I am sharing 3 unrelated things that I think you should know about! And number 3- y'all, I couldn't be any more excited or grateful!

1. Glamorous Wash Laundry Detergent- Diva

Ok y'all, I am well aware the price point of this stuff is insane for laundry detergent. However, hear me out. I got mine as a birthday present from my mom, and it lasted me an entire year. I throw one Tide pod into the washing machine and a tiny little splash of this laundry detergent, and the smell is simply AMAZING. You are guaranteed to have at least 3 people a day ask you what perfume or cologne you are wearing if you wash your clothes with this. The long lasting, soothing aroma is not comparable to any other laundry detergent.  

My mom got me the gallon, but if you want to test it out for yourself, then you could try this little baby 4 ounce sample for under $10 or this 16 ounce bottle for under $20. As always, I'm not making money by suggesting this product. I truly love it!

2. Palmetto Cheese

I have never liked pimento cheese until I discovered this stuff. I don't like mayonnaise (unless a little bit is mixed into things like chicken salad), and I just never really cared to try pimento cheese until my family had this kind at our house. I tried it and have loved it ever since.

I still don't love other types of pimento cheese because they seem too sweet or too mayonnaisey, but this brand is delicious. You can usually find it at Walmart, Kroger, and Costco. Parker didn't like pimento cheese before we were introduced to this stuff either. It is now our go to appetizer or snack. I even brought it to work one day when I was teaching in Fayetteville and several people asked me for the recipe (because obviously I put it in a cute bowl and acted like it was homemade). :)

The jalapeño kind is our favorite. We like the plain kind too and haven't ever tried bacon. If you're trying to watch your carbs, you can eat it with carrots. Or if you don't really care much about that, then you can eat it with Wheat Thins or any other cracker. 

3. The BEST Oil Change Experience

Ok y'all, I had something else for number 3, but I had to change it after the best oil change experience of my life yesterday. It started out a little rocky. I took my car to Walmart for a simple oil change. The guy told me they could not use the oil I asked them to use (that the Mobile dealership suggested) because there was something on my car that said they needed to use a different type. Then they told me they couldn't rotate my tires because they were rotting. At this point, I was terrified and said ok thank you, I will take it elsewhere.  

So I drove out to the Acura dealership in Memphis. I had already called and they told me I didn't need an appointment for an oil change and to just come on in when it was convenient for me. I arrive and a man asks what he can help me with. I tell him I need an oil change and my tires rotated. He asks me a couple questions and gets someone started on my car while he takes me on a tour of the place. There was a quiet room where the news was on. There was a louder, fun room where they played movies. And then there was the free snacks and drinks room.  

Guess where I hung out! :) Y'all, have you ever been to a car dealership that had unlimited complimentary drinks, snacks, and even hot dogs? You heard me right- HOT DOGS! Plus, they had a fruit bowl because #balance. So the guy comes back and brings me my car inspection and talks me through what's going on with my car. Nothing too interesting. My tires are in fact not rotting and are completely fine. He used the oil I was told by the Mobile dealership to use. And the only thing that didn't pass the inspection was my windshield wipers, which would be less than $20 to fix.

And as if I couldn't say enough positive things about this place, the guy hands me a coupon and says my oil change is free since it was my first time there. So that meant all I had to pay for was my tire rotation and new windshield wiper blades. I wanted to hug the guy. I always get excited about deals, but this was a whole new level of excitement(!!!!!!!!!!)! I mean how often do you get phenomenal discounts on things like oil changes?!

They also washed the inside and outside of my car for free and gave me a coupon for brake service, which I will need in the near future. I kept wondering what the catch was. They told me they are really dependent on customer surveys. I said you will be getting all 100+s from me! Plus a fabulous review on Art Fashion Fun. Goodness knows that is super relevant and important for them. Totally kidding. But seriously, have you ever had an exciting oil change? It was truly an amazing experience that made my day!  

(BTW- I wrote the whole section on my oil change experience while it was happening, which may be why there was a little bit of excessive excitement. Thank goodness for the free Wifi that allowed me to write alllllll the details for you and capture my full level of excitement while I was in the moment. I know you wanted to hear every last detail. #imsorry #thankyouforreading)

Too long? Too much? I'm sorry I can't contain my excitement! Let me know if you try numbers 1 or 2, and also please let me know if you have had a similar oil change experience. I still feel like it was too good to be true! Thanks so much for reading!