Cute and Cozy Sweaters for Fall

The first day of fall was Saturday, and we surprisingly had very nice fall-like weather to go along with it! It got me really excited to pull out all of my boots and booties and add a few new sweaters to my wardrobe!

I have been on a major cleanout/organization kick because I’ve got to get my office cleaned out. We are turning my office into our nursery, so I have been trying hard to minimize. I have too much stuff. Parker is so good at getting rid of things he knows he will never use again, and I am not. However, I’m seriously working on it, especially in the closet department. I’ve got to get rid of some clothes to make room for baby boy’s precious tiny clothes!

With all that said, I have pulled out quite a few things to get rid of and also found some closet staples that I will most definitely be keeping. Some of the sweaters I’m for sure keeping were actually brought back this year, so they are included in today’s sweater roundup! Ok, let’s get into the season’s cutest sweaters!

5 of My Favorite Sweaters

  1. Pink Free People Sweater- I got this last year, and I believe it is my favorite sweater of all time! I adore every single thing about it. The length, the neckline, the color, the material. It is back this year in 6 colors. This exact shade of pink is not one of them, but there are lots of great options! Other Outfit Details: Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

B03F6CB7-FF34-40E5-A111-F1D4DBFECB07 2.JPG

2. Turtleneck Sweater- Again, I got this sweater last year, but it is back this year in new colors. It is a great alternative to the pink sweater above with a much lower price! Other Outfit Details: Leggings | Boots

D9C2082D-8C68-4B4C-9BF6-FE73E51D0537 3.JPG

3. Cowl Neck Sweater- I actually got this closet staple several years ago, but it gets brought back every year because people love it so much! Free People makes my favorite sweaters, and I have this one in 2 colors. Other Outfit Details: Spanx Faux Leather Leggings | Boots


4. Rainbow Speckled Sweater- This sweater is obviously from this year and about to be worn on repeat because it is so roomy and comfortable to wear with my bump! However, it is not maternity. I just sized up one size to make sure it was oversized, so I could wear it all fall and winter. Other Outfit Details: Leggings | Boots

Facetune_23-09-2018-18-38-05 2.JPG

5. Signaturesoft Sweater- I went on and on about this sweater in Sunday’s blog post… when Lou & Grey makes something that is signaturesoft, I NEED it! It is the most comfortable material ever. This is another sweater I will be living in over the next few months! Other Outfit Details: maternity jeans | wedges | earrings

65841859-592F-4CDC-B937-61BDB2336990 2.JPG

40 Cute & Comfy Sweaters

Do you have any favorites?! The pink Free People sweater will be my forever favorite I believe! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!

Weekend Sale Shopping: Anthropologie and Loft

Y’all know I’m not a frequent Sunday blog publisher, but I get them up when I feel like time sensitive matters need to be discussed. The shopping I did at Anthropologie and Loft this weekend needs to be discussed before the sales end, so here is a rare Sunday blog post!

I went to Memphis Friday because Anthropologie is offering 20% off and Loft is offering 40% off. The sales were even better than I expected! I’m trying not to do too much shopping while pregnant because I am having to buy sizes that are not my typical size, but I obviously need some things to wear this fall and winter! When I saw the emails sharing these 2 sales, I knew it was the perfect time to stock up!

Anthropologie- 20% off Clothing & Home

You have to be a part of Anthro Perks to get 20% off. It is as simple as giving them your email address and a little info about yourself. They will send you emails from time to time, but I don’t find it to be an excessive amount at all. It is not a credit card or anything like that. You don’t have to enter any billing info when signing up. If you are not already part of Anthro Perks, you can click here to sign up.

Now I’ll show you the 2 items I tried on, 2 items they brought back from last year, and a few more of my favorites below that. I had a gift card, so I also purchased these earrings. You are about to see them on repeat! They are the perfect size- not too big or too small.

Ribbed Tunic- I have had my eye on this tunic for months. It is a good price for Anthropologie and comes in 5 colors. I got it in pink, and my mom had it in blue and added the pink one to her collection while it’s on sale. I’d say it runs true to size. My mom stuck with her usual size, and I sized up one for the bump. The length makes it perfect to wear with leggings or skinny jeans.


Amrita Tunic- This was the other sweater I tried on. I did not purchase it because the slits in the sides do not lay right with my bump. If you are not pregnant, they should go where they are supposed to- on the sides. It is really soft and comes in 4 colors!


Leopard Cardi- I cannot tell you how excited I was to see that they brought this cardi back this year! I bought mine last year, and the print of this year’s version is a little more subtle than mine. But it is the same cardigan- definitely an investment, but it sells out fast! I shared it one time last year before it sold out, and it is already sold out this year in large. It is pricy, but if you like it, I suggest grabbing it now while it’s 20% off because it will sell out quickly again this year! It does run true to size. I got my regular size medium last year.

IMG_8672 2.JPG

Bell-Sleeved Tunic- This is also a picture from last year, but this adorable “tunic” is back this year too. I’m not sure why they call it a tunic. It is definitely a dress on me. This year’s neckline is slightly different, but it looks very similar aside from that. It comes in 4 colors and would also look cute with leggings and boots or booties this fall!


More of my favorites:

Loft- 40% off your purchase

I had not been to Loft in forever and found quite a few things that I absolutely loved! Use code NEWNOW to get 40% off your entire purchase.

Speckle Sweater- As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to have it. I had it in the turtleneck version last year and love the adorable rainbow speckles! As you can tell in the picture, they are not over the top, but just little speckles of color that are so cute! It also comes in navy if that’s more your style. I sized up one size for pregnancy, but I’d go with my regular size if I did not have a bump.


Speckled Poncho Sweater- Another item that comes in speckles, and it is also precious! These speckles are not rainbow colored though. They looked either black or navy to me. There is a lot of fabric on the sides because it is a poncho. I like my sweaters to be oversized, so I’d say stick with your usual size and it will still be plenty roomy.


Signaturesoft Cowl Neck Top- Anything in Lou & Grey’s signaturesoft collection is a winner in my book. It is truly the softest material in my closet. I purchased this top and got Parker to touch it when I got home. He said he wishes all of his clothes were made out of this material. The website says that it feels like the most luxurious cashmere combined with your favorite sweatshirt. It really is the softest! I sized up one size for pregnancy.


Signaturesoft Tunic Top- Another item from Lou & Grey’s signaturesoft collection… need I say more?! But really- the color is gorgeous, and it is such a great layering piece for fall. It is currently a steal too and comes in 5 colors!


A few more of my favorites:

I hope you enjoyed this rare Sunday post and take advantage of these fabulous deals! I’m so glad I did! Thank you so much for reading and have a fabulous Sunday!


15 Recent Purchases

I typically write monthly favorites posts to round up my favorite purchases from the month. However, I have not done one of these in a few months because I honestly have not been buying a lot of new clothes. I’ve been trying to wear what’s in my closet and only buy items that I need for pregnancy. I hit 26 weeks Tuesday, so obviously quite a bit of my old clothes do not fit anymore. So I have placed a few orders recently, and I’m happy to share my purchases with you today!

You can click on any of the items below in the collage, and you will be taken directly to the site where you can purchase the item. And FYI- the only things that are maternity in this post are the jeans.

Free People Buttondown- Free People makes my favorite plaid tops! This one is so comfortable, has the cutest ties on the sides, and is the perfect length to wear with leggings! It definitely runs big. I suggest sizing down, and you will still get an oversized fit.

Textured Tunic Sweater- I ordered this and it still hasn’t come in. But I clearly love things that are long enough to wear with leggings, and this looks like it will be perfect for that! It comes in several other colors too.

Teal Ribbed Tunic- I now own this same tunic in 11 various colors. I have been buying them for several years now and continue purchasing them because they are my daily uniform. They are so comfortable and easy to throw on with a pair of leggings and feel somewhat put together!

Golden Plush-Knit Swing Dress- I have learned that I want anything and everything made out of this material. It is beyond soft! And I know this dress will be one of those items in my closet I continuously reach for this fall and winter. It is a great length for work and church too.

PJ Harlow Knit Robe- My mom got this for me, and I am so grateful! I plan on wearing it in the hospital when we have our baby. PJ Harlow makes my favorite pj pants, and this robe is just as amazing! It comes in 5 colors.

Black Ruffle Trim Dress- This may be my favorite of all my newest purchases! It will definitely be worn on repeat. The ruffles on the sleeves give it such a fun spin on a classic little black dress! And the material is stretchy and comfortable.

DIFF Sunglasses- I have always wanted a pair of DIFF sunglasses, and I could not love these more! I love the tortoise frames and pink polarized lens!

Jade Roller- Something that has been so swollen lately is my face… I put this jade roller in the freezer and massage my face with it. Not only does it feel so good, but it is supposed to reduce puffiness and inflammation of the skin, help relax the nervous system, aid in the removal of toxins, among many other things!

Suede Shearling Slippers- I wore out my Ugg slippers and was wanting a new pair without paying the Ugg price. I can honesty say that these are just as amazing as my Uggs for a much, much lower price! They would make the best Christmas gift! If you’re in between sizes, size up.

Flower Stud Resin Earrings- I had been wanting and watching these for a long time. They are on sale through tomorrow for 25% off, so I ordered them!

Tortoise Hoop Earrings- These are also 25% off through tomorrow, and hoop earrings are my favorite kind to wear! I haven’t bought new statement earrings in a while, so I purchased these too and can’t wait for them to come in!

Hester Wedges- I now have these in pewter and nude. I wrote an entire blog post on them Tuesday, so you can click here to check that out!

Maternity Rockstar 24/7 Jeggings- These are the most comfortable maternity jeans I could ever imagine putting on my body. They are beyond comfortable and feel like leggings!

Maternity Rockstar Jeans- I also purchased these maternity jeans. The pair I mentioned above is more like a jegging/legging material, and these are more like an actual pair of jeans. The other pair is more comfortable, but I love these too! I really like the low panel.

I forgot to include a picture of this tunic sweatshirt in the collage, but I can’t keep it out of today’s post! It is definitely one of my favorite items I have purchased recently. I put it on as soon as I took it out of the package, and even Parker said whoa you are never going to take that off. It is perfect to wear with leggings, and it is what I actually live in at home! I sized up one size for the bump.

Is there anything you have purchased lately that you love and think I should know about? Please share! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!


The Best Fall Wedges for Under $40

Today I am sharing the wedges that I will be living in for the next few months. I got one style last year (in 2 colors) and one style this year (in 2 colors), and they are both beyond comfortable and affordable! And they both come in several colors and go with basically any fall outfit.

I have to give credit to my mom’s friend, Mrs. Ashley, because she discovered both of these fabulous pairs of shoes! I get asked about my hoop earrings all the time, and they actually came from her! You can click here to check out her jewelry website.

Onto the shoes!

Taupe Wedges

Outfit Details-     Shoes     |     Top     |     Maternity Jeans

Outfit Details- Shoes | Top | Maternity Jeans

Outfit Details-     Shoes     |     Tunic     |     Leggings     |     Sunglasses     |     Crossbody Bag
Outfit Details-     Shoes     |     Pullover     |     Leggings

Outfit Details- Shoes | Pullover | Leggings


I shared this pair of shoes last year (you can click here to see the blog post), and I think it’s pretty safe to say that more people have purchased this pair of shoes from my links than any other item I have ever shared. Every single one of the reviews people have sent me are nothing short of stellar. And understandably so.

A teacher friend told me she purchased them and was able to wear them comfortably the entire school day. I was able to wear them for an entire day of shopping in Memphis- they are so easy to take off and put back on! They are not too tall but not too short, so they are the perfect height for day to day or a night out!

They are also so soft and lightweight that they make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. In all honesty, it takes my feet a while to get used to wearing boots and booties again once the weather cools down. I never have this problem with these shoes. They are that comfortable! And they run true to size- I have them in my normal size 9 in taupe and black.

Hester Open Toe Wedges


This is the pair that I got this year, and they are already selling out in select colors. I always feel so bad when I share something that is selling out, but I thought I should go ahead and share now before they are completely gone! The color I have is called pewter, but they come in several other colors. My mom actually bought the nude color for me yesterday!

Just like the other wedges, these are beyond comfortable and the perfect height! They also run true to size- I have my normal size 9. It looks like all of the colors they come in would be great versatile options that could be worn with countless outfits this fall!

I clearly love these shoes, and I love when I get to share super affordable options with you! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!

Shop the Wedges

The Best Time to Purchase Jeans for Fall

Happy Labor Day! Instead of posting my usual Tuesday post this week, I wanted to go ahead and get this post up today while you can take advantage of the sale prices! I love nothing more than being told someone is looking for something specific. My mom told me a couple of her friends were wanting to add some new jeans to their fall wardrobe, so I am SO happy to share my picks with you today! 

This request came at the perfect time too because I just went through all of my jeans on Saturday and decided what to keep and what to get rid of. My favorite brand of designer jeans is AG. However, I noticed that the pairs I kept the most of were actually my Old Navy Rockstar jeans and curvy jeans from Loft. In my opinion, they are the most comfortable and flattering jeans I own.


So today I'm going to share my favorite jeans from Loft that you can get for 40% off and my favorite jeans from Old Navy that you can get for 50% off plus an additional 10% off with code EXTRA.


The two options of jeans styles at Loft are curvy and modern. I discovered last year that the fit of the curvy jeans is my very favorite! They are stretchy which makes them very comfortable, but they don't stretch out. They are also higher waisted than the modern fit and very flattering. The website describes the curvy fit as contoured to flatter hips and thighs. Ummm yes please, I would like all of my jeans to do that!


The best black jeans= Curvy Skinny Jeans in Black

The best gray jeans= Curvy Frayed Skinny Crop Jeans

Old Navy


The best black jeggings= Built-In Sculpt Rockstar Jeggings

My mom's favorite jeans (in gray and black)- Mid-Rise Rockstar 24/7 Jeans

My mom's favorite jeans (in blue)- Mid-Rise Rockstar 24/7 Jeans

I hope you have a great Labor Day, and if there is ever anything you want to see on my blog, don't hesitate to reach out! Thanks so much for stopping by! And to check out more sales, you can click here to see the full blog post where I shared all of the best sales happening now!


Summer to Fall Transition Finds

It is that time of year right now where it's still super hot outside, but people are ready to start pulling out their fall clothes. I know I am! I am so ready for some cooler weather and all the things it brings- oversized sweaters, leggings, boots, football season, and all the fall things!

However, I got home to Mobile yesterday, and the weather is feeling nowhere close to fall-like. My travel OOTD (outfit of the day) consisted of some of my closet staples- this tunic, these leggings, and these running shoes.


But anyway, today I'm sharing a 10 Things Tuesday style blog post, even though it's Thursday. I researched all the newest arrivals at my favorite places to shop and narrowed my picks down to the following 10 items!

I think I'd have to say this sweater is my favorite thing I found! It comes in two other colors, and they are all adorable! Do you have a favorite? Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!

Old Navy Try On Session

Y'all, I haven't done a try on session in so long! I realized yesterday that I haven't actually been clothes shopping in an actual store in so long. I had so much fun at Old Navy trying on so many adorable things.


I tried on everything from summer outfits to workwear to fall looks, as well as athleisure. However, I did not end up purchasing anything in store because they told me they would not price match their website, which offers much less expensive prices than the store. I will be ordering quite a few of the things I tried on though!

There are some amazing pieces, but the comfy clothes were my favorite. I have been living in leggings and pullovers lately, and that is what I was most drawn to. However, I also really loved the fall looks. I got so many of my teacher clothes from Old Navy, so I styled some workwear looks that would be perfect for teachers or office jobs or really just everyday life! Let's get started!

Fall / Teacher / Workwear Looks

I was wearing these black jeans with all of the following looks, but these black Pixie pants were my go to pants when I was teaching! I found these super comfy mule booties in store yesterday, and they come in several colors. Such a fabulous closet staple that you will see me wearing with all of the outfits in this category! They run true to size. All links will be underneath each photo.


(Better view of the shoes!) Swing Top | Black Jeans | Mule Booties


(Closer up shot of the swing top- the details are so pretty!) Swing Top | Black Jeans


Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt (size up for length) | Black Jeans | Mule Booties

Summer Looks


Ruffle Sleeve Top | Black Shorts (3.5 inches- perfect length)


Striped Ruffle Sleeve Top | Black Shorts

Comfy Clothes / Athleisure


Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt (size up for length) | Crop Leggings


Full-Zip JacketGo-Dry TeeCrop Leggings

Do you have any favorites? I think I'd have to choose the ruffle sleeve sweatshirt as my number 1 favorite and the full-zip jacket as my second favorite! I'm loving cute and comfy clothes right now! Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful day!


The Perfect Pink Top to Wear Now and this Fall

Hey Y'all! I feel like I am finally getting back into a routine! After finding out we're having a baby and the symptoms that go along with it, a vacation at the beach, the craziness of the N Sale then Amazon Prime Day, and a vacation at the lake, my blogging days have become so inconsistent this summer. However, I am so happy to be back today, and I will be more consistent with my Tuesday and Thursday posts from here on out!

Before I get started with today's post, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY EBIE! My little sis turns 27 today! She has tried to say 27 isn't a big deal, but Patrick gave her a baby puppy this year, so that def brings the fun to 27! And I personally think every birthday is exciting! I will be home in 8 days and can't wait to continue her celebration then! And meet Sophie for the first time!!!!


Ok, onto the top I want to share with you today. I purchased this cute pink top back in June and have gotten so much use out of it! It is the perfect lightweight material to wear comfortably now, and it will also be the perfect top to wear as we transition to fall. I styled it with white shorts and blue jeans to show you that it works both ways! I also think it would be a really cute work top paired with black pants, white pants, or white jeans if you can wear jeans to work.


Outfit 1 Details: Pink Top | Similar White Shorts | Earrings | Beaded Bracelets

Outfit 2 Details: Pink Top | The BEST Jeggings | Earrings

The sleeves are my favorite part! They are so pretty! And it runs true to size. I am wearing my usual size medium. It is the perfect length to tuck in or wear untucked, whichever you prefer. And it comes in 3 colors- pink, red, and black.

I haven't blogged about it yet because it sells out so fast! Nordstrom has restocked it several times, and it consistently sells out. If you like it, I hope you can grab your size!


I am 21 weeks today, and as you can see above, it still fits perfectly! That has not been the case with many of my shirts, so I know I will continue getting so much use out of this one! Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day! 



How to Make Thanksgiving Fun When You're Not with Family

Thanksgiving spent with family is always the best option. However, sometimes life happens and you have to come up with an alternate plan. Parker usually has to work most days during Thanksgiving week, so it would not work for us to travel home when he may just have Thanksgiving day off. So, we stay put for Thanksgiving and look forward to a longer Christmas break with both of our families.

We have actually come to really enjoy Thanksgiving with just the two of us (plus Bailey and Rosie obviously). I believe the year we got married and moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas was the first time I missed Thanksgiving with my family. At first, I was really disappointed to miss out. I have so many cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that I love to catch up with on Thanksgiving day. However, we came up with a plan that we now look forward to every year!


Everything on the list pictured above happened in 2015, and we have revised it a little bit each year since. For example, the amount of food has been decreased significantly, and we skip the pigs in a blanket breakfast. (And FYI- the things under our names are things we were in charge of cooking/picking up... meaning I didn’t choose all of the 300 things under my name.) However, lots of the things on this list do occur! Let's jump right in, shall we?!

1. Start the day off with pineapple/orange juice screwdrivers and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!


2. Facetime your family. When I can't be home for birthdays and other festive occasions, my family always Facetimes. It doesn't have to be for long, but it's nice to get to see them while chatting, as opposed to the usual texting behind the phone situation.

3. Turn on some tunes and make cooking fun!


4. Set the table with your fine china, crystal, and flowers! We just had a couple of bright sunflowers on the table, and they added so much warmth and happiness!


5. Eat off of your everyday china! I get great joy out of pulling out my fine china and setting the table with it. However, being able to throw my everyday china into the dishwasher when we're finished eating is much more fun than hand washing fine china in my opinion! 


6. Go for a walk. Parker and I don't go on a long exercise walk, but we do enjoy getting out of the house for a little stroll with the pups.

7. Watch football / online shop / watch movies / take an afternoon nap!

8. Make a list of 10 (or more!) things you are thankful for.

9. Eat pie and all the desserts! Thanksgiving only happens once a year!


10. Check out for a roundup of all of the best Cyber Week sales! :) SO many Black Friday sales have already started, and even more will continue to go live over the next few days. I have blog posts tomorrow, Friday, and Cyber Monday with some of the very best deals! We will definitely be using this time to put a dent in our Christmas shopping!

Also, I have created a new page on my blog in an effort to help with navigating Black Friday sales. If you go to the menu at the top and click on Black Friday, you will be taken to the page where I have rounded up a list of my favorite retailers that are having sales. I have also included the codes you need to use to get the sale prices . You can click here to be taken directly to the page. Or you can check out the sales below. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day and a very happy Thanksgiving!

Early Black Friday Sales + Codes

Baublebar- 30% off holiday collection and gift sets with code YAY30

J.Crew- 40% off entire purchase and free shipping with code THANKU

J.Crew Factory- 50% off everything, no code needed

Loft- 40% off everything with code GIFTITUP

Madewell- 25% off entire purchase with code DONTSTRESS

Nordstrom- Up to 40% off, no code needed

Old Navy- 50% off everything, no code needed

Shopbop- Up to 30% off with code MORE17

Tory Burch- 30% off $250 or more with code THANKS

My Favorite Sweater + A Dupe

The first time I saw this sweater, I knew I had to have it. I saw it on another blogger, and I immediately went to her Like to Know It page to find out all the details. I soon discovered that this sweater is made by my favorite brand of sweaters, Free People.



Tunic- Free People, Also here, And here // Faux Leather Leggings: Spanx // Booties: Steve Madden // Earrings: J.Crew Factory // Hair Tie: J.Crew // Clutch: Moyna

Free People's price point is typically a little high (in my opinion), but you are definitely paying for the quality. The quality of this Free People tunic is superb. For some reason, the pictures I saw of it made me think it was made out of a fleecy material. My mom brought it up to me (best gift ever), and I soon realized it is not fleecy at all. The description says it is made out of a heavily ribbed ottoman knit fabric. Can't say I know exactly what that is, but I do know that I really like it!

Tunics are my favorite type of top to wear in the fall because their length typically allows me to wear leggings. This tunic certainly does that. The length, material, and mock neck are my favorite parts. I have actually seen people wearing it as a dress. For reference, I am around 5 foot 5, and it would not work as a dress on me. However, if you're shorter, it might work as a dress on you!

I paired mine with my favorite faux leather leggings, black booties, and black statement earrings. However, I also plan on wearing it with regular black leggings and riding boots. I think the bright pink color is so fun, but it also comes in several other cute colors. Pink is selling out quickly. However, white, black, dark turquoise, and nutmeg are still in stock at a few retailers. If you are looking for the perfect gift that any girl would love, this tunic is definitely a winner. 

If the price point of this tunic is a little high for you, I found a pretty great dupe! The quality is definitely not as nice, but the appearance is very similar, and I actually bought it in navy!



Tunic: Old Navy // Faux Leather Leggings: Spanx // Boots: Sam Edelman // Crossbody Bag: GiGi New York // Earrings: Nordstrom

For size reference, I got the pink tunic in a size medium. And I am actually wearing an XL in the navy tunic to make it fit the way I wanted it to. I tried on a large, and it was too short and the mock neck did not lay properly. The XL gave me the length I was looking for, and (oddly enough) the mock neck laid right and looked a lot more like the much pricier Free People one.

I know my pink one will last me forever, and the navy one will not last nearly as long, but I absolutely love both of them! 

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!