Cute and Cozy Sweaters for Fall

The first day of fall was Saturday, and we surprisingly had very nice fall-like weather to go along with it! It got me really excited to pull out all of my boots and booties and add a few new sweaters to my wardrobe!

I have been on a major cleanout/organization kick because I’ve got to get my office cleaned out. We are turning my office into our nursery, so I have been trying hard to minimize. I have too much stuff. Parker is so good at getting rid of things he knows he will never use again, and I am not. However, I’m seriously working on it, especially in the closet department. I’ve got to get rid of some clothes to make room for baby boy’s precious tiny clothes!

With all that said, I have pulled out quite a few things to get rid of and also found some closet staples that I will most definitely be keeping. Some of the sweaters I’m for sure keeping were actually brought back this year, so they are included in today’s sweater roundup! Ok, let’s get into the season’s cutest sweaters!

5 of My Favorite Sweaters

  1. Pink Free People Sweater- I got this last year, and I believe it is my favorite sweater of all time! I adore every single thing about it. The length, the neckline, the color, the material. It is back this year in 6 colors. This exact shade of pink is not one of them, but there are lots of great options! Other Outfit Details: Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

B03F6CB7-FF34-40E5-A111-F1D4DBFECB07 2.JPG

2. Turtleneck Sweater- Again, I got this sweater last year, but it is back this year in new colors. It is a great alternative to the pink sweater above with a much lower price! Other Outfit Details: Leggings | Boots

D9C2082D-8C68-4B4C-9BF6-FE73E51D0537 3.JPG

3. Cowl Neck Sweater- I actually got this closet staple several years ago, but it gets brought back every year because people love it so much! Free People makes my favorite sweaters, and I have this one in 2 colors. Other Outfit Details: Spanx Faux Leather Leggings | Boots


4. Rainbow Speckled Sweater- This sweater is obviously from this year and about to be worn on repeat because it is so roomy and comfortable to wear with my bump! However, it is not maternity. I just sized up one size to make sure it was oversized, so I could wear it all fall and winter. Other Outfit Details: Leggings | Boots

Facetune_23-09-2018-18-38-05 2.JPG

5. Signaturesoft Sweater- I went on and on about this sweater in Sunday’s blog post… when Lou & Grey makes something that is signaturesoft, I NEED it! It is the most comfortable material ever. This is another sweater I will be living in over the next few months! Other Outfit Details: maternity jeans | wedges | earrings

65841859-592F-4CDC-B937-61BDB2336990 2.JPG

40 Cute & Comfy Sweaters

Do you have any favorites?! The pink Free People sweater will be my forever favorite I believe! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!