Favorite Purchases from May

We have had quite a change of pace this month after the craziness of February, March, and April. Parker and I were both in 2 of our best friends' weddings the first weekend of May, and then we spent the rest of the month at home! It was nice to have some down time, but now we are rested and excited to head to Atlanta this weekend for my friend Alexa's wedding! 

My Favorites from May

Favorite Dress- Dresses were my favorite things to purchase in May. I chose this dress as my favorite, but I absolutely love all 4 of the dresses I purchased in May. They're all so cute, classic, and affordable! My other 3 favorites are this classic blue dress, this off the shoulder ric rac dress, as well as this tie sleeve off the shoulder dress. Other outfit details- shoes | earrings


Favorite Swimwear- I bought this sarong before I went to the beach for Kelly's wedding, and I LOVE it! I've always wanted to buy a turkish towel, but I didn't have enough time to order one. I found this sarong for $23, and it is PERFECT! My favorite part is that it has a designated place to tie it, so you don't have to figure out how to do that. I bought mine in white at Dillard's, and it is only available in black online at Dillard's. You can click here to find it in black and white at another retailer. And if you prefer something a little longer, you can click here to check out a longer option by the same brand.

Favorite Top- I have worn this tee multiple times. White shirts are a necessity for the summer, and this basic tee is such a good one. Cute, comfy, and affordable with the cutest eyelet sleeves! Other outfit details- shorts | sandals | earrings

Facetune_15-05-2018-14-09-19 2.JPG

Favorite Shorts- I don't buy shorts often because I am so picky about them, and I know I will not wear them if I do not feel comfortable in them. These are so comfortable while also cute and a little dressy. The ruffle adds such a fun touch too! Other outfit details- top

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Favorite Shoes- My parents actually gave me these for my birthday last month, but they are making this month's favorites because I have been wearing them on repeat. They are the perfect pool/ summer sandals, and the striped pair I have comes in 8 colors! If you prefer solid colors, you can click here to check those out. 


Favorite Accessory- Statement earrings for $12.99? You just can't beat that price! I have the turquoise pair, but they come in 6 other colors. I also love the pink! Other outfit details- top | shorts | sandals


My Readers' Favorites from May

Most Clicked on Item- Ruffle Off the Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit

Most Purchased Item- It was a tie between this swimsuit and this coverup 

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Most Saved Pin on Pinterest- A Wedding Guest Etiquette Guide for my 3 Year Anniversary

Social Media Platform that Gave My Blog the Greatest Amount of Views- Facebook (As always, thanks so much Mom, Mrs. Carol, Ms. Elinor and Russ for your daily shares!!!)

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