10 Things Tuesday: Spring Things Under $100

I have a blog post about Ebie's honeymoon shower coming soon, but I'm excited to share a 10 Things Tuesday post today! These posts are typically pretty short and sweet, but it takes me a while to decide on my 10 things. I go to all of my favorite retailers' websites and check out all of their new arrivals. I put all of my favorite things in a folder, and the hard part is narrowing it down to just 10 things! I'm excited about today's roundup though!

IMG_4371 2.JPG

I wore the shirt pictured above in Nashville last weekend. I knew it was going to make the cut for today's post. It is the perfect top to wear right now while our weather is a little cooler than usual. But the bright and happy color makes it perfect for spring!

I paired it with my new white jeans that also made the cut in today's 10 things. I have so many things to say about these jeans that I have an entire post dedicated to them. It is coming soon, but I can assure you they are fabulous (my mom, sister, and I all have and love them)!

Can you choose a favorite? The coverup is the item that I want most! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!