All You Need to Know About a Honeymoon Shower

A few years ago, my friend Caroline introduced me to the idea of a Honeymoon Shower. She was the first person I've ever known to have one of these parties, and I LOVED the idea! I copied Caroline and also had a Honeymoon Shower before Parker and I got married. We had Ebie's Bachelorette Party last weekend in Nashville, and we decided to do the same thing for her!


If you're curious about what a honeymoon shower is, I'll fill you in! It is a party where a bride-to-be is showered with gifts that she can use on her honeymoon (and well after)! This party can be given in place of a lingerie shower during the bachelorette party.


The fun part was that Ebie had no idea what any of our plans were for the weekend. Her flight got in Saturday morning, so we kicked off her festivities with a Brunch & Honeymoon Shower at her friend Natalie's house!


Before Ebie got there, we set up the decorations and got the food and drinks ready. We had a mimosa and bloody mary bar, but I only have pictures from before it was actually set up (whoops). 


Natalie also added some nice touches, like place cards, her fine china, flowers, and cute napkins!


Another friend thought to decorate Ebie's chair. So cute and fun!


Another friend brought a veil and sash to make the bride feel extra special!


Of course the fun part was showering Ebie with gifts that she can use on her honeymoon!


Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of all of Ebie's gifts after she opened them. However, I have some of them at my house right now, so keep scrolling to see a picture!


Ebie's friends also made it more fun by adding in a couple of games after she opened her gifts!


Maid of Honor duties include taking lots of pictures for the scrapbook! But getting one with the bride was also a requirement!

Outfit Details-   Our White Jeans  //  My Top

Outfit Details- Our White Jeans // My Top

One of Ebie's friends texted me asking about gift ideas for the honeymoon shower. I clearly forgot to explain that when planning this party, so today I'm making sure to include this info for you! Check out the picture below to see some of her gifts, and the links will be underneath the picture!


Ebie's going to Antigua for her honeymoon, so we wanted to shower her with gifts she could use while there. However, the best part about the gifts given at a honeymoon shower is that they can be used for years and years to come! Some things Ebie received include:


I had to include this little blooper. :) Flat lays aren't the easiest shots to take in this house. Bailey and Rosie love Ebie's gifts!

If you have any questions, let me know! We had the best time celebrating Ebie, and I think any bride would love a shower like this! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!