38 Week Bumpdate

Less than 2 weeks to go, and so much has happened this past month! My weekly updates below are LONG. We started weekly doctor’s appointments at 36 weeks, got to spend Thanksgiving with our parents, completely finished the nursery, and did lots more things to prepare for our baby boy!

35 Weeks- 38 Weeks

  • Due Date: December 25, 2018

  • Baby is the size of a: winter melon- 19.6 inches, 6.61 pounds (38 weeks), romaine lettuce (37 weeks), papaya (36 weeks), pineapple (35 weeks)- all of this info came from The Bump app

  • Total weight gain: I have officially stopped looking at the number on the scale when I get weighed. I know that I have gained at least 30 lbs. More on this under the weight gain section in my last bumpdate if you missed it.

  • The bump: It is big and heavy. And the ultrasound tech said the baby is taking up every inch of space in there at my 37 week ultrasound. The doctor has said at my last 2 appointments that the baby is dropping lower and lower each week.

  • Symptoms: Discomfort. Everything started hurting around 36 weeks- moving, walking, changing positions on the sofa, bending over. My back pain causes a serious waddle and very slow pace. Yikes.

  • Food cravings: fruit & all the sweets, especially my mom’s chess squares

  • Food aversions: They are completely gone! Although I haven’t had the desire to eat fish since becoming pregnant.

  • Sleep: It’s been ok. I’m up about every 3ish hours to go to the bathroom. My doctor tried to convince me that this is a really neat thing my body is preparing me to do for when I have to feed the baby every 3ish hours. Not so sure I would describe it as neat.

  • What I miss: Being comfortable. Walking like a regular human. Bending over easily to play with Bailey and Rosie.

  • Movement: Lots of movement is happening! All day every day. I think I read somewhere that you can’t feel the baby as much towards the end because the baby runs out of space. Not the case here. This baby is a wiggle worm.

  • Maternity clothes: these Zella maternity leggings (they’re back in stock!!!) and these maternity jeans. I have had those things for a while now, but I finally purchased maternity/nursing bras and maternity/nursing pjs this month, and I am kicking myself for waiting so long. You can click here t0 check out my very favorite bras (I have black and gray) and I also got this one in nude and this one in gray. But the first one I linked is my favorite. Here are the links to the maternity/nursing pjs I got- top // sleep pants. They are very lightweight and comfortable. Those are the only maternity things I’ve bought so far. I have bought a few new tops and sweaters, but they are all nonmaternity- I’ve just sized up to fit the bump. This sweatshirt is probably my most worn item in my closet.

  • What we are most looking forward to: our baby’s arrival!!!!

  • Apps I've used: Ovia Pregnancy, The Bump, & Babylist

  • Products I've been loving (same things I’ve been using):

    *my Snoogle pregnancy pillow (I think this is the number 1 item I suggest for all expecting mamas. I can’t imagine sleeping without it.)

    *this cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks (I have never liked lotion, and I’ve only ever worn face moisturizer my whole life. This stuff has no smell and dries quickly. Best lotion ever, even for a non lotion lover.)

    a heating pad (for my back)

    *Nexium to prevent nausea

    *Books: What to Expect When You're Expecting, The Nanny Connie Way, What to Expect the First Year, Moms on Call, Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care

  • Purchases for baby: I have a whole page on my blog under Shop My Favorites called Favorite Baby Items, and that is where I’m sharing the things we have purchased and received so far for our baby!

Weekly Fun

Week 35- My parents and Parker’s parents came up this week for Thanksgiving! I’m so grateful they did! We had the best time- eating, shopping, watching football, and just hanging out! We hung my mom’s paintings up in the nursery, and I feel like they make it the happiest space! I could not love them more. The nursery is almost complete! In other news, the aches and pains hit this week (of course while our parents were in town, ugh). I honestly feel like I had been having a pretty easy pregnancy (minus the nausea that occurred at night between weeks 8 and 20), but now my entire body basically hurts. I feel like there is a foot between my ribs, and I broke my toe when I got off the sofa to put the rolls in the oven. I kicked the sofa leg. Ouch. And I caught a cold. Ok, that’s enough of the negativity, but in case it appears that my pregnancy is a walk in the park, I’m here to tell you that things started getting real uncomfortable this week. In more exciting news, I took advantage of lots of amazing sales and ordered some things I cannot wait to have! I ordered my diaper bag, a bassinet, some bottles, some clothes from Mud Pie, some clothes from Charming Mary, bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, a bed skirt & some Wubbanubs from Target, some nursing bras from Kindred Bravely, and some nursing pajamas. Whoa, that sounds like a lot when I type it all out, but they were basically all necessary items on major sale. :)


Week 36- Weekly doctor’s appointments started this week. Before our doctor’s appointment, we went and got our car seat checked at the hospital. They will make sure it is installed correctly before you bring the baby home. Parker gets an A+ because he installed that thing correctly with 0 help from me. Then, we went to our appointment. Our doctor has stressed so many times that the most important thing that can be happening right now is that our baby is moving. No worries in that department. I read or heard somewhere that it’s harder to feel babies move as they get bigger because they’re running out of space in there. Not the case for this baby. He is moving more than ever! I had been feeling some serious rib pain, and the doctor did his first exam and said that the baby’s head is down, so his feet are most likely in my ribs. We will know for sure next week at our ultrasound! Something else strange that has been happening is that my hands are numb when I wake up. I brought this up to my doctor, and he immediately said carpal tunnel. He said this is common with pregnancy, and it should go away shortly after the baby is here. I’m getting progressively more uncomfortable, and my face is beyond swollen. In other news, my cyber week purchases have been coming in this week, and it feels like Christmas! I washed the baby’s bedding and put it in his crib, and some adorable clothes came in! So did my diaper bag, Medela breast pump, and our stroller from my parents! I also spent hours googling how to clean certain brands of pacifiers and bottles, and then I got those all cleaned and found a place for them. Oh my goodness, things are feeling real! 

Outfit Details-     tunic     |     leggings     |     boots     |     purse

Outfit Details- tunic | leggings | boots | purse

WWeek 37- We got to have our 37 week ultrasound the day that I hit 37 weeks. I had to look back at my bumpdate posts to remember that our last one was at 28 weeks. It felt like it had been forever since we got to see our baby! The ultrasound tech told us that his measurements are showing that he weighs 7 pounds, and he is taking up every inch of space in there. She also told  us he has chubby cheeks and pointed out the little hair on his head too! She said he was doing some practice breathing. I had to ask if that was a good thing. She said yes! And she confirmed that the baby’s head is down, his bottom is up, and his legs and feet are on both sides of my ribs. So that explains the rib pain. After we finished our ultrasound, we were told our doctor had to go deliver a baby, so then we had to wait quite a while to see him. Thinking that that could be our baby he’s delivering soon was surreal! Once we finally got to see him, he said the ultrasound showed that he’s a healthy baby! Yay! I got my second exam and my TDAP shot. I also asked my doctor if he had any idea of when he thought the baby might be here. He said not really, but if he had to guess, he would say that the baby will make it to his due date. We shall see! Parker and I both packed our bags, and we finished up all of the last minute things we had left to do in the nursery!

Outfit Details-     sweater     |     leggings     |     earrings

Outfit Details- sweater | leggings | earrings

Week 38- We had our doctor’s appointment yesterday, and the doctor basically said I could go into labor anytime this week or next week, so make sure all my stuff is ready to go. He said they would call me sometime soon to schedule an induction for after Christmas just in case the baby does not come by his due date. My favorite part about the appointments has to be when the doctor asks me if things are happening without me having to say a word about them. He said this baby has dropped very low, is your back killing you? Does it hurt to walk? Are you having to go to the bathroom just about every time you stand up? Yes, yes, and yes. I guess those things are common at this point, but I loved that he was the one to mention those things that Parker had heard me complaining about for the past couple of weeks. The discomfort/back pain/waddle is still going strong, but most things on our to do list are complete, so I feel like I’m almost to the point of being able to relax before this baby boy comes!

Outfit Details-     sweater     |     leggings     |     mules     |     purse

Outfit Details- sweater | leggings | mules | purse