Last Minute Gift Ideas

Are you finished with your shopping, or do you still have a few last minute gifts/ stocking stuffers to buy? If you fall into that second category, I’ve got you covered! And if family members are still asking you for some ideas of things you would like, I’ve got some great ideas for you today too!


Christmas is going to look pretty different for us this year considering I am 39 weeks today, and we are not doing any traveling. Except to the hospital in Memphis when this baby boy decides to make his appearance. The gifts Parker has gotten me are currently sitting under the tree unwrapped. I started that trend though because the gift he asked for was too big and heavy for me to lift and wrap at this point, so it’s not wrapped either. I have no excuse for the cookbooks he’s getting, but they look cute on top of his bread maker. :)

But anyway, I have broken my picks down into 2 categories- Gifts for the Cozy Girl and Gifts for the Beauty Lover. I think a few of the gifts from each collage could be thrown together to make a really great gift. Or some of the smaller things would make fabulous stocking stuffers!

Gifts for the Cozy Girl

You can click on any of the photos in the collages below to shop them!

Below is my commentary about each item pictured in the collage!

This pajama set would be great to wear on Christmas or to give as a gift because it can definitely be worn after Christmas too!


Gifts for the Beauty Lover

Below is my commentary about each item pictured in the collage!


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day!