A Christmas Gift You Can Add to Yearly

Hey Y’all! After enjoying a busy Thanksgiving & cyber week, catching a cold, and preparing for a baby, I needed to take a little break from blog posts. However, I’m so excited to be back this week! I’m sharing a fun Christmas gift idea today, and my 38 Week Bumpdate will go live on Thursday with all the updates! I’m actually 38 weeks today!

Onto today’s topic- a fun Christmas gift idea that you can add to every year. Or every holiday for that matter! I discovered Coton Colors shortly after college when I was teaching in Huntsville. However, I didn’t start my own collection until Parker and I got married and moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas. It’s safe to say that ever since then, I have adored it!


They make beautiful tabletop items, serveware, decor, ornaments, and items for all celebrations in life. My favorite things all happen to be in their Happy Everything collection, and that is what I’m focusing on in today’s post. Let me explain.

IMG_7352 2.jpg

How It Works:

  1. Choose a base.


2. Choose attachments.


3. Velcro the attachments onto the base.

IMG_7353 2.jpg

4. Switch out attachments for every reason and season!



There are a lot to choose from! And there are two sizes- big and mini. There are big platters and cookie jars. I have this big white dot platter, this big bright dot platter, and this big cookie jar (except mine has polka dots). There are also big bowls and big wreaths. And some mini bases include soap pumps (my mom’s favorite base), bowls, vases, cookie jars, frames, platters, and canisters.

Big Bases:

Mini Bases:


This is the fun part! Attachments stick onto bases with velcro. You can choose so many different attachments for all different celebrations and seasons. This is where the size is important. If you have a big base, then you want to order big attachments. And if you have a mini base, then you want to order mini attachments. I have some that are holiday and season specific and some that can be used any day. I wish I had ALL of them! :)

Big Attachments:

Mini Attachments:

Gift Examples:

For Christmas last year, Parker and I gave his mom a mini cookie jar and a few mini attachments. For Mother’s Day this year, Ebie and I gave my mom a large platter and a large attachment. Now, we are able to add to their collections and give them another attachment or 2 for Christmas or whatever holiday may arise!

I took the photo below at my baby shower, and you can see my mom’s mini cookie jar in the back right. She put one of my sonogram photos in a frame attachment- most adorable decoration! You can see a tiny glimpse of her polka dotted soap dispenser on the left. We love Coton Colors!


Below is a picture of a big platter, and I have a plate stand to display it. Our house in Southaven doesn’t have as much space as our house did in Fayetteville, so it is not currently being displayed. This picture was taken in Fayetteville. However, I wanted to show you a picture of what it looks like. Such a fun gift!


You can’t go wrong with a cookie jar, platter, soap dispenser, or any other base/attachment combo. They make such cute and fun gifts that last a lifetime! And it’s so easy to think of gifts for the future- everybody wants to add attachments to their collection! Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful day!


Big Bases:

Big Attachments:

Mini Bases:

Mini Attachments: