The Prettiest Pjs

Last Christmas, my aunt Mary and my cousins gave Ebie and me the fabulous pajamas I'm sharing with you today. Pajamas are always something I have loved to buy. Some people collect sunglasses (my mom). I collect pajamas. Maybe it started with the silky Limited Too pajamas? Regardless, I'm sharing my current favorites with you today!

I have shared with you before that my sister in law and her family give me a pair of pajama pants from Anthropologie (or a gift card for them) every Christmas. Best gift ever! I have loved those for years and still love them. However, the brand of pjs I'm sharing with you today was new to me until I received my first pair last Christmas.


I have this pearl colored pair of satin pants. And they come in 12 colors! Ebie has this blue set, and it comes in 9 colors. The colors are all beautiful and the fabric is SO incredibly soft. We both sized down because they do run big. I'm wearing size small, and Ebie is wearing size extra small. 


The best news is that my pajama pants are 25% off in several colors! My exact colored ones are still full price. However, the black, blush, dark silver, morning blue, and navy are all 25% off making them under $50! Click here to check them out! I love the blush ones.


And if you prefer boxer shorts to pants, you can click here to check those out. Or click here to check out all of the options available by this brand. As far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with any pieces they make!

Also, one of my least favorite parts about blogging is taking pictures. I feel guilty asking people to take time out of their day to take my picture, and I'm not like other bloggers who are so good at rocking tons of poses. All I can do is smile. I have tried blogger faces/ poses, and I'm here to tell y'all that is not for me.

However, I truly enjoyed every minute of this little photoshoot. After dinner on my last night in Mobile, Ebie and I changed into our pajamas, and my mom snapped zillions of photos on her iPad while my dad hung out in a chair and my pups were being themselves. Bailey wanted to hang out for a little while and then she chose to go under the bed (as shown below). Rosie was her crazy, funny little self, causing us to laugh hysterically.


When I was going through the pictures after my mom took them, I made the comment that one of the pictures looked staged. My dad said these photos were not staged. We were truly having the best time being together and laughing at the craziness of trying to get pups to cooperate for photos. I wish all picture taking was this fun! 

One final thought- I always stay honest with y'all on Art Fashion Fun. Ebie truly wears her pj set exactly as pictured. I wore this $7 tee because I wanted to focus on the PJ Harlow brand, and I felt as if my typical sleep shirt distracts a little from that. But in all honesty, I actually wear one size fits all Disney sleepshirts every single night. My collection now consists of Tinkerbell, Minnie Mouse, Eeyore x2, and Cinderella.


AND OH MY GOSH- I just discovered (while writing this post) that they can be bought online!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to retire my Tinkerbell one that I bought in high school, and I thought they could only be bought at Disney World! I have searched online for these things for years.

My mother in law picked up 2 of them for me (a Cinderella one from her and Eeyore one from my mom) when she was at Disney World last year, and now I can order my own online! Ok, I didn't mean to get into all of this, but I truly wear my Disney sleep shirts every night and am so excited about this discovery! Because I just know you want your own Disney sleep shirt, I will leave you a link to shop this stylish piece of clothing here- Cinderella sleep shirt.

Anyway, my Disney sleep shirts (and any other pj top) work perfectly with these pj pants because they are so fabulous and comfortable. 


Have you tried these pjs? We clearly love them. Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful day!