Weekly + MDW Recap

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

For Memorial Day weekend, we had our very first visitors come stay with us and see our new home in Southaven! Parker's parents made the trip from Dothan, and we had the best time with them. It takes about 6.5 hours to get here, so Friday was their travel day. We kicked off the fun activities on Saturday.

Saturday- We started our day out slowly with coffee and cinnamon rolls. And fresh peaches that Parker's parents picked up in Clanton. Yum! Parker and Mr. Mike started getting the boat ready for the lake and realized the battery had died. Yikes. So they had to go out and get a new battery before we headed to the lake. This was our first time taking the boat out since we moved to Southaven, and I was SO grateful to have Mr. Mike there to help Parker out. This girl is NO help when it comes to anything boat-related. We spent the rest of the afternoon out on Arkabutla Lake before coming back and grilling out that night. 

Sunday- I recapped this day in full detail on yesterday's post! Click here to see alllll the details from the fabulous day we had in Memphis! 

Monday- We ended our long weekend at our favorite Mexican restaurant before Mr. Mike and Mrs. Carol had to hit the road. I'm still trying to talk Parker into wearing seersucker clothing, like his dad. :)

We miss these two already! Did you have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and short work week? Time certainly flew by for us. Thanks so much for reading! Have a great weekend!