Favorites from September

Today I am sharing some of my favorite things from September! Most things are items that are very much my style. One item is something very different and new for me. Before you start reading my post, can you guess which item is a little out of my style comfort zone (based on the photo below)??

Favorite Dress- I have been watching this dress for months. So many bloggers have posted about it, and I don't know why I waited so long. It is now sold out in 5 colors, so if you want it, shop fast! I ordered the navy, and this color is now gone. However, the black is still in stock, and several other colors keep coming in and out as people return them. It is just one of those dresses that is really easy to throw on and go, which is my favorite kind! Other outfit details: Crossbody bag // Shoes


Favorite Outerwear- I purchased this during the big Lilly sale, and you can never be too sure about what exactly you're buying during the sale due to the adrenaline rush. However, I could not be happier with this purchase! The gold side buttons and fringe hem are so cute! It comes in 3 other colors, and I think the heather blue is so pretty. I put this in the outerwear category because it is considered a pullover. I love it! Other outfit details: Leggings // Boots


Favorite Top- This is another item I watched for a long time, and when it went on sale, my mom got it for herself and for me. I am so grateful! I actually have 2 posts coming up in the next couple of days all about this brand. It is my favorite brand of sweaters and other fall tops. You cannot go wrong buying anything they make! Longer tunic-like tops are my favorite because you can wear them with leggings, which is always nice and comfortable. I linked it at Nordstrom where it comes in 7 colors, and I'll also link it at Dillard's, if you prefer to shop there. Click here for the link to Dillard's, where it comes in 5 colors. Other outfit details: Leggings // Boots


Favorite Accessory- When my mom, my sister, and I were at Target last week, we saw these and had to get them! I got black and Ebie got hot pink. Statement earrings bring so much fun to an outfit! The black and pink are no longer available online. However, the periwinkle, coral, and gray are available, and they are on sale for $6.48! Amazing!


Favorite Shoes- I have been loving the A New Day line at Target. Have you checked it out? The prices are so reasonable, and the pieces are so cute! I couldn't pick just one pair of shoes, so I chose to share both of my newest shoe purchases!

1. Over the knee boots- I have been stalking Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots for quite some time, but spending $800 on a pair of boots is not something I would ever consider doing. Especially considering I am new to over the knee (OTK) boots and don't know exactly how often I will actually wear them (they're a little edgier than my typical style). I'm all for trying new things though, so when I spotted these dupes for under $40, of course I had to get them! This is the item on today's list that is different for me, but I'm really excited about them! Other outfit details: Dress

IMG_6209 2.JPG

2. Leopard print booties- I have been all about leopard print lately! I was actually at Target looking for these bright pink mules that have been selling out like crazy. They didn't have those at my Target. However, they did have these leopard print booties in 2 sizes. The display just so happened to be my size, so I grabbed them for under $35! Other outfit details: Dress

IMG_6207 2.JPG

Favorite Bottoms- I have talked about my love for Old Navy Rockstar jeans and jeggings several times. They are basically the only jeans I wear. This season, they have introduced a new pair called the Rockstar 24/7. I have heard that these jeans were created from a collaboration with Old Navy and AG, so you know they have to be amazing! They are so comfortable that it doesn't even feel like you are wearing jeans when you wear these. They are not your typical denim material, so it honestly threw me off the first time I tried them on and I wasn't so sure about them. But I'm here to tell you- they are fabulous and the most super soft knit jeans you will ever wear! My mom has this pretty steele color, and I also love these black jeggings.

Do you have any favorites on this list? I'm excited about figuring out how to style the OTK boots, but I think my very favorite is the Free People top. I think I'll get the most use out of it. Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!

Also, did you catch my Loft Sale post yesterday!? They extended the sale and you can still get 50% off everything online AND free shipping through today! Click here to go to yesterday's post and see my favorite things included in the sale!