My First Experience with Self Tanner

I honestly cannot believe that I am writing a blog post about this. I was always the girl in the Tridelt house saying ew gross, I will never use that. The smell of the Jergens tanning lotion has been what I've associated sunless tanner with for years. If you've ever gotten a whiff of it, then you know it is NOT a pleasant smell.

However, after learning how much damage the sun does to our skin and doing a good bit of research on self tanners, I have found one that I can stand behind. And if you follow many fashion bloggers, you will not be surprised by what I am sharing today. A great majority of bloggers who use sunless tanner use St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse

I actually purchased this product in October, but I was too nervous to try it until I bought a skirt and an off the shoulder top in December. My skin is naturally very fair, so goodness knows that I get extremely pale in the winter. I feel better in my clothes when my skin has some color, so this new outfit motivated me to try self tanner for the first time ever!

Before I Applied Sunless Tanner:

  • I read every word on the bottle and spent hours reading reviews online. I also stumbled upon this video and watched it several times to make sure I knew the right way to apply it.
  • I learned that I needed to shave my legs and exfoliate the day before applying.
  • I also put on lotion after shaving and exfoliating.
  • I'm using the pictures below as my before pictures because it was the metallic skirt and off the shoulder top that inspired me to try self tanner!
Turtleneck    //    Metallic Skirt    (currently $27.49!)

Turtleneck // Metallic Skirt (currently $27.49!)

Ruffle Top    (currently $13.99!) //    Peplum Velvet Skirt    (currently $18.99!)

Ruffle Top (currently $13.99!) // Peplum Velvet Skirt (currently $18.99!)

While Applying Sunless Tanner:

  • I used this mitt, so that I wouldn't get streaky orange hands AKA one of my biggest fears (because I could hide a lot of my body since it's winter, but hands aren't as easy to hide).
  • I pumped the self tanner onto the mitt and applied it using upward circular motions.
  • I read that you don't need a new pump of self tanner when applying to hands and feet, so I just used the excess tanner on the mitt for those two areas (after I had used the majority of it on my legs and arms).
  • I struggled to reach my back and prepared myself to have a super splotchy back.

After Applying Sunless Tanner

  • The directions said to wait until touch dry before getting dressed. This stuff dries immediately, so I did not have to wait long at all.
  • I put on loose fitting clothing.
  • The bottle says that there is no self tan smell, but I have a strong sense of smell and was able to smell it.
  • I was supposed to wait 4-8 hours before getting wet. I took the picture below after having the tanner on for 4 hours and thought I was looking pretty dark, so I decided to hop in the shower right after snapping this pic.
  • Once I got out of the shower, my tan (thankfully) did not look as dark.
  • Lots of things I read stressed the importance of moisturizing every day to prolong the tan.
  • I moisturized every day, and I'd say my tan lasted about a week. It never got streaky or weird looking. It just disappeared naturally. I'd call that a win!
  • The picture below shows what my tan looked like after 2 days (when I could get Parker to take a picture for me :) ).

My Final Thoughts

I really like this stuff! I would never use it without a mitt because I think it would leave my hands streaky. However, the mitt kept my hands protected and allowed me to apply the tanner very evenly!

I don't know how it's even possible because I know I was unable to reach all of my back, but my back was not splotchy. Everything looked evenly applied! Also, I did not use it on my face. I would use this tanning product that is actually made for the face, if I were to put self tanner on my face.

The only negative I can think of is the smell. It was nowhere near as bad as the Jergens smell, but I could still smell a slight self tan smell (even after my shower).

Oh wait, one more negative is the price. It is not cheap, but it is a lot cheaper than going to get spray tans. After 2 uses, I still have about 80% of my bottle left. So I believe it will last a while.

I actually used it again yesterday (for the second time) to make sure none of my thoughts changed before publishing this post this morning. :) None of my opinions changed. I do think it gets easier with time though. The first time I used it, I was so nervous that it took me 25-30 minutes to apply. It took me less than 10 minutes yesterday. 

My skirt and ruffle top are SO affordable right now! They are on sale plus an additional 50% off with code SAVENOW. I've never seen an article of clothing for under $15 at J.Crew! Amazing!

Anyway, I can officially say I am a fan of St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse! Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!


3 Ways to Style a Faux Fur Vest

Now that it's warmed up a little bit again, we can ditch the heavy coats (for a few days anyway) and pull out our cute vests for a little warmth and fashion statement of course. I have heard people say they love fur vests, but they can't pull them off, so I'm sharing a few ways anyone can style them today! 

1. Over a dress


2. Comfy style- over a tunic and leggings


3. Dressy style- over a dress shirt tucked into skinny jeans or pants 


My exact faux fur vest is by BCBGeneration from a few years ago. However, I have found several options that are very similar and affordable! All of the ones pictured below are under $32. The first one was originally $80 and appears to be the best quality to me!

Do you have another way you like to style a faux fur vest? I'd love to hear! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great week!

Weekend Sales + Weekly Recap

I finally got back into a routine this week, and (as a creature of habit) I'm pretty excited about it. My first full week of blog posts since before Christmas was shared, and I am providing links to them below in case you missed any! 

But first, I'm sharing some fabulous sales taking place this weekend. I tried not to go too crazy with my choices and managed to narrow down my picks to 10 or 11 items per retailer (except for Anthropologie because I just saw they were having a sale this morning and found SO many things I LOVE!). 

Weekend Sales

Anthropologie- 20% off full price clothing

J. Crew Factory- Go Big, Get More Event: Use code MOREPLZ to get 30% off 1 item, 40% off 2 items, and 50% off 3+ items

Loft- 50% off everything with code COZY, I purchased the chambray top and swimsuit pictured below :)

Nordstrom- Up to 40% off new markdowns + Free shipping

Sail to Sable- Biannual Warehouse sale: Use code WAREHOUSE2018 for 60% off all styles, excluding Resort (This sale is huge! Their biggest sale of the year! I have this dress, and it is a steal for 60% off!)


Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

What to Wear for a Casual Valentine's Day

Does anyone prepare their outfits a month in advance?? Me neither. :) I do like to wear pink and red leading up to Valentine's Day. Maybe that's a teacher thing. My students always liked to wear their Valentine's Day clothes leading up to Valentine's Day (AKA the most insane day of the school year), and they loved it when I wore festive outfits too.


Sweater | Faux Leather Leggings | Wedges | Earrings | Kendra Scott Bracelet | David Yurman Bracelet

So today, I'm sharing an outfit that could actually be worn any day, but the rose color of the sweater makes it the perfect option for a casual Valentine's Day. And I wanted to go ahead and post about this sweater now because it has sold out at several retailers. It already sold out at Nordstrom and Revolve. However, I found it in stock at Dillard's and Free People. It also comes in gray and red (which is actually more like a burnt orange), if rose is not your thing.


My mom gave me this sweater for Christmas. She also gave it to my mother in law for Christmas. It looks so cute on her! It is a sweater that is perfect for all ages. My mother in law mentioned that she loves the cowl neck because it is so comfortable. It's not one of those necklines that chokes you. It lays so nicely! My favorite part is the length. It's perfect to wear with skinny jeans or leggings, which is always a win in my book!


I paired it with some Spanx faux leather leggings because 1. I love them 2. They are so comfortable while also flattering and 3. They seemed to dress up this look a little more than a regular pair of leggings.


I also threw on these wedges because they seemed to make this look a little dressier too. However, if the snow and frigid temps stick around, I will most definitely be in closed toe shoes. I actually wore it with these Rockstar jeggings and boots while I was in Dothan over Christmas, so here is another way to style this sweater. Thanks to Peyton Marie and Ann Clay for the photo!


I have a dressy Valentine's Day outfit post coming soon and a gift guide too! Parker and I usually don't go too crazy for this holiday, but we always like to do something little to celebrate!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!


Snow Day Essentials

Having lived in the south my whole life, I am clearly no expert on hardcore snow gear. What I'm sharing today is just a fun list of things we have used during the past few snow days we've had this week. And for the record, multiple snow days in one week is way more snow days than we are supposed to get in Mississippi (in my opinion). Our pups would agree with me. They are very confused by the snow and are not fans of it touching their paws.

Snow Day Essentials

*Hunter Boots


*Go Pup Socks (Parker ordered these for me for Christmas- they have Rosie's head on them!)


*A Warm Winter Coat- Save (mine is from Old Navy, but no longer available, so I linked a similar one at Forever 21 and Kohl's)


*Zella Live In High Waist Leggings (worn in all of these pics because I am obsessed)

*All the Cozy Blankets and Pillows


*Your To Do List (so you can knock out tasks you've been putting off forever)

*Fingernail Polish (to redo your mani while you have time to let them dry)

*Lots of Coffee

*A Curling Iron (so you can try to teach yourself how to curl your hair, if you haven't already mastered this skill)

*Cozy Pjs



*A Book and/or Magazines

*Your Favorite TV Shows Recorded 

*Puzzles/ Board Games

*Two Cuddly Snow Bunnies


What am I missing?! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!


3 Casual Everyday Dresses to Wear Now

My favorite outfits lately have consisted of comfy dresses and oversized sweaters/leggings. I enjoy getting all dressed up every once in a while. However, these freezing temps are drawing me to the warmest and coziest things in my closet, so that's what I'm sharing with you today!

Button Sleeve Striped Sweater Dress- I got this one a month or so ago and have gotten so much use out of it! It is so comfy and easy to dress up or down. Plus, it is currently marked down from $118 to $69.99! And if you spend $100 at this retailer, you can get 20% off with code STAYCOZY.


Ruffle Sweatshirt Dressalso here- This dress was given to me by my in laws for Christmas, and I LOVE it! It is sweatshirt material, but the ruffle makes it appears a little dressier than a regular sweatshirt. It does come in at the bottom, so if you want it to be a more comfortable fit, I recommend sizing up. I linked it at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack because sizes are selling out at Nordstrom. It's on sale for under $30 at both retailers! 


Cowl Neck Dress- I got this dress in 2015, and it has been my #1 favorite dress to pull out each fall I've had it! I actually got it in leopard print first, and then my mom loved it so much that she bought herself a similar one and got me the blue one that I'm wearing in the first picture below!

 It is more of an investment than the other 2 dresses I'm sharing today. However, I have gotten so much use out of it that it was worth every penny. It's one of those dresses that is so easy to throw on for just about any event and feel put together (and super comfortable). My exact prints are no longer available, so I linked the exact dress in a different print. And you can click here to see all of the different prints this dress comes in. I really love the solid ones.


Thanks so much for reading! I'm so happy to get back to a more normal routine this week. Have a great day!