What to Wear for Easter and Spring Weddings

Hey Y'all! It feels like I've been away for forever. I typically write blog posts Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. However, I took a little break this week after a fun weekend at home with my family and friends. So I will just have blog posts Thursday and Friday this week.

When packing to go home for a wedding last weekend, I realized that I need to add to my wedding guest dress collection. I talked to my mom about this dilemma, and she told me that she had several friends looking for dresses to wear to weddings this spring too.

So, here we are- I have done lots of online research and found the most beautiful dresses to wear to spring weddings and/or Easter. I will include a separate section of white dresses that can be worn for Easter. When picking out a dress to wear to a wedding, the 2 rules that come to mind are: 1. Do NOT wear white. 2. Dress conservatively. Dressing conservatively also goes for Easter, but white dresses are totally acceptable for this joyful day!

I wore the dress pictured below to my friend Maggie's wedding last weekend. I got it when I was working at a boutique in Northwest Arkansas. It is by Trina Turk, and I have found the same style dress on several retailers' websites, but they are all different prints. I'll link them below the picture! I sure am missing my employee discount.

I have 4 categories of dresses for you today: 1. 10 Dresses Under $60 2. 15 Dresses Under $100 3. 20 White Dresses 4. 25 Dresses for $100+ My favorite dresses are of course in the last category. :) If you see a dress you love, but it is not in a color that you like, click on it because a lot of the dresses I am sharing come in multiple color options!

10 Dresses Under $60

Dress    (comes in 10 colors)

Dress (comes in 10 colors)

15 Dresses Under $100

20 White Dresses

25 Dresses for $100+

Can you pick one favorite? If I had to choose just one, I would have to pick this pink dress! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!