Must-Have Wedges for Spring

Before I started blogging, I noticed all of my favorite fashion bloggers wearing the wedges I am sharing with you today. I have loved them since I first saw them on these girls. They are classic wedges that can be worn with basically any spring and summer outfit. 

What I was not aware of before Ebie gave them to me for Christmas (best gift ever!) was just how comfortable they are. I am a sissy when it comes to tall shoes. I rarely ever wear heels. These wedges appear to be tall, but they are actually very comfortable!

I have heard other girls suggest buying these Marc Fisher wedges early because they sell out fast! I've always been confused by this- why would spring shoes sell out before spring even begins? I've learned it is because they are that good. And these girls were right- they are already selling out. 


You can click here to check out the exact perforated pair that I have. They are almost sold out. However, you can click here to see the same shoe minus the perforation, and there are lots more in stock. These are also really similar.


Do you know what a dupe is? I have heard several people lately ask what a dupe is. Dupe is a shortened form of duplicate... so these Steve Madden wedges I'm about to share with you are a (much less expensive) dupe of the Marc Fisher wedges I just talked about. 


 My mom got me these dupes a couple of months ago! They are significantly less than half the price of the Marc Fisher wedges, and they are basically identical! And SO comfortable! But again, selling out quickly. 


They are such a classic pair of shoes that go with basically any spring outfit!


If your size is sold out, or if you want a more affordable option, I have found ANOTHER dupe! I actually tried these on yesterday, and the quality is not as nice as the other two pairs I have shared. I guess that should be expected since they are only $32.99, but they look so similar to the Marc Fisher and Steve Madden wedges! And they're very comfortable too. I did size down half a size in these shoes. One last thing- if you add something else to your cart for $2-3 and get your order up to $35, then you can get free 2 day shipping!


For yet another pair of fabulous wedges, you can check out this blog post called The Most Comfortable and Affordable Wedges. In this post, I shared wedges that are currently $29.99. More people have purchased these wedges through my links than any other item I've ever shared! And the reviews I've gotten have all been superb- they really are like walking on a fluffy cloud! I have them in taupe and black and love them both!

I will share more options below. Neutral wedges are my favorite type of shoe to wear all spring and summer! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!