Spring Break Guide: Coverups and Swimsuits

A friend texted me last week and asked me to write a blog post on swimsuits and coverups for spring break. More specifically, she requested modest and affordable options. Challenge accepted! This task has been so much fun because these are 2 of my favorite things to shop for!

Modesty is a must for me. I have seen quite a few cheeky options this year, and that is just simply not my style. So everything I am sharing is modest. 

However, while researching swimsuits, I realized that affordable is hard for swimsuits. Typically when shopping, I try to purchase affordable items with an occasional splurge. I think my philosophy is a little different with swimsuits. Because swimsuits are so revealing, I typically choose to invest in a few well made pieces each year. And then I'll add in some more affordable items as I find the very best affordable pieces. You can click on any of the items in the picture below to see some of my finds! 2 of the bathing suits are $35. Can you guess which ones??

Over the past few years, my favorite swimsuit brands have been Gianni Bini, Cremieux, Kenneth Cole Reaction, and Antonio Melani. All of these brands are sold at Dillard's. My favorite coverups have come from Anthropologie, Dillard's, J.Crew, Lilly Pulitzer, and Target.

Today I'm sharing swimsuits and coverups from a variety of places with different price points. There are a LOT of options. I have made it so that you can see the price and retailer. That way you don't have to click on every single picture to figure out that important info. But keep in mind- several of these swimsuits and coverups might have a different sale price once you click on them and get to the retailer's website!

One Piece Swimsuits

Swimsuits Tops

Swimsuit Bottoms


My 5 Favorite Pieces

Now I'm going to share lots of options in a different format! If you're on your phone, each item will be displayed in a single row, and it may take a while to scroll to the bottom. If you're on a laptop, you will see 3 items in a row, which will make it a lot faster to see all of these cute swimsuits and coverups!

Thanks so much for reading! I want to hear if you purchase any of these! Have a great day!