Top 5 Purchases from October

So I normally share a roundup of all of my favorite clothing purchases of the month, along with a couple of my readers’ most purchased items. I didn’t buy many new clothing items for myself this month, so I’m just going to share my 5 favorite purchases, as well as the 5 most purchased items that my readers bought through my links! I think I like this idea more than just sharing my favorites anyway- it’s always fun to see what other people are purchasing too!

I have explained this before, but if you are curious- I am able to see how many people click on my links and how many people purchase items through my links. However, I am never able to see any names of the people who are doing the buying. I do get a small commission from items that are purchased through my links, so if you are shopping through my links, please know that I am SO grateful and wish I knew who you were so I could properly thank you!

My Top 5 Purchases

1. My baby shower dress- one of the 2 clothing purchases I made this month! I actually have it in 2 other prints from before pregnancy. I wear size medium regularly, but I sized up to a large for the bump. It is so comfortable, and it’s one of those dresses that I am excited to pull out year after year because of it’s classic and cute style! Other colors that have more sizes- graphite, ice blue, and snakeskin.


2. Mockneck sweater- sweaters with mocknecks are my very favorite! And this color is gorgeous. It also comes in camel. I sized up from my normal medium to a large and love it!


3. My mom’s birthday cake- When Parker and I got our gender reveal cupcakes, I spotted this cake that looked like a dream come true! My mom and I both love icing, so I knew I’d have to go back and get it for her birthday. It was the most perfect and delicious cake for icing lovers! So glad I got to celebrate my mom’s birthday while I was home last weekend!


4. Baby’s crib and mattress- This is why my clothing purchases have decreased… all of the precious baby things that we need are currently taking priority!


5. Baby’s dresser/ changing table- We also got this, and it comes in about 4000 pieces. So we haven’t quite had the time to put it together just yet. Parker said he would take it on as a weekend project this weekend. Perfect birthday gift for him, right (his birthday is Friday)?!

Bonus: Glider- We also got this glider where I know lots of time will be spent!

My Readers’ Top 5 Purchases

1. Lou & Grey SignatureSoft Top- So funny this made the number 1 top spot for October’s best seller because it was also number 1 for September’s best seller list. What I mean by that is more people bought this top than any other item on my blog 2 months in a row! And for good reason… it is SO soft, comfortable, and the best top for fall! I had a friend message me after hers came in, and she said it felt like she was wearing pajamas! So true!


2. Ottoman Slouchy Tunic- So the top I shared above is my favorite top I have bought this fall, but this slouchy ottoman tunic is my favorite sweater of all time! It is the best oversized tunic that can be worn with leggings, jeans, or even as a dress if you are short enough! Mine is a size medium and fit me before pregnancy, as well as now. It definitely runs big, and I love it! A friend let me know it was on sale last week, so I shared about the sale on Insta stories, and people took advantage! I’ll share again if I see it go on sale because it is such a cute sweater!


3. Zella Leggings- Fun fact: the Zella maternity leggings have been the most clicked on item on my blog this month, but they are always out of stock. :( I’m glad all of the non pregnant people are purchasing these regular live in Zella leggings though because they are the very best leggings! They can be worn for exercise or with regular clothes.


4. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings- my second favorite pair of leggings for fall (when not pregnant)! So cute, flattering, and fun! Other outfit details- sweater | shoes


5. Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow- SO glad people are buying this because it has been so helpful for me! I can’t sleep without it now. It helps my achy back and hips tremendously!


I couldn’t be more excited about the top 5 purchases y’all have made this month because they are all things that I love and use constantly! And I am so excited about my own purchases as well! Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful day!