3 Pairs of Leggings Every Girl Will Want in Her Closet this Fall

It is no secret that leggings and a tunic/oversized sweater make up my favorite fall outfit. I am a dress girl during summer and spring, but I turn into a total leggings girl when cooler weather hits. I always have been and now that I am 7 months pregnant, I am dying for cooler weather to get here for good, so I can wear my comfortable fall uniform (leggings and a tunic/oversized sweater) daily!

Now, let’s get into my 3 must-have pairs of leggings!

1. Zella Live In High Waist Leggings- If you have read my posts for a while now, I bet you could have easily guessed these would be at the top of my list. I bought my first pair during the Nordstrom sale 2 year ago, and they are the only black leggings I have worn since. I think it is the material and the high waist that I like best. The material makes them perfect for everyday wear or even for working out.

Since my first pair, I have gotten another identical pair, a cropped pair (that is currently sold out- I’m sorry!), and 2 pairs of Zella maternity leggings (in medium and large). I’m telling you- I love them!

The maternity pair is new this year, and they keep selling out, but Nordstrom will add a size or two to their site when they become available. As of last night, medium was in stock! Lots of people have asked me about maternity leggings, and these are my only suggestion. I just hate that they are always sold out! For size reference though, I have been wearing my size medium since I got them. I will probably switch to the large in my last month of pregnancy, so I would say your usual size should fit for the majority of pregnancy.


2. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings- If you’re looking for a fun and flattering pair of leggings, these are the ones you need! They are made by Spanx, so they suck you in and make your legs look fab! They do run small. I suggest sizing up one size from your regular size if you are not pregnant and size up 2 sizes if you are pregnant. Mine are size large and they fit comfortably when I am not pregnant and definitely do not currently fit comfortably while I am pregnant.


3. Moto Leggings- I got these during the Nordstrom sale last year, and I was so excited to see they brought them back again this fall! They come in olive and black, and I have olive. These are the most affordable option of the 3 I am sharing today. Because mine are from last year, they are slightly different. It looks like they took away one seam in this year’s version, but that’s it. They are high waisted and still actually fit comfortably with a bump! They are a little long on me, so I just folded the bottom under.


What are your favorite leggings? My mom was just telling me about this pair of leggings from J.Crew. They’re currently on sale, but I haven’t tried them yet so I don’t know how they fit. I can 100% recommend the other 3 pairs I shared today though! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!