I have never used all caps in a blog post title, but I decided it was necessary today because I don't want anyone to miss out on the fabulousness of the Lilly Pulitzer sale!!!! It started at 7am this morning, and I have now placed my first 2 orders. In this post, I will be sharing what I bought, and I will also be sharing other items I love and think you might love too. I am keeping my words to a bare minimum today, so you can click and shop as fast as you can!!! Items sell out extremely fast because the deals are so amazing, so purchase as quickly as you can!

There are a lot of items below, but I have grouped them into categories so you can shop by items you think you need most! You will see below that the items I bought the most of are sweaters and cardigans! I know I will get my money's worth out of them this fall. The pressure is on during this sale, but try to be careful with what you buy because all items are final sale. (This comment was mostly directed towards me. It is hard to remember that through the adrenaline rush of this sale!!)

CLICK HERE NOW (!!!!!!!) to shop the sale! You will be put in a virtual line. Hopefully it won't take too long to get through now that the peak shopping time has passed! Have fun shopping and please let me know what you get!!! I have had too much fun this morning hearing from family and friends about what they have purchased!


What I Have Bought So Far:

What My Family and Friends Have Bought So Far:

Items I Already Own and Love:

Dresses and Coverups I Love:

Sweaters, Cardigans, and Jackets I Love:

Tops I Love:


If you are not a Lilly lover, I apologize for my overly excited post. You can check out the newly updated Shop My Picks pageShop My Insta page, or my Anthro Day Sale post from yesterday if you're in the mood for some retail therapy that is not Lilly related!

However, if you do love Lilly as much as I do, happy shopping!!! Let me know if you score anything great! Have a wonderful day!