Wednesday Wishlist: Anthropologie Edition

Y'all. There are SO many things I want from Anthropologie right now. When they launched their new summer styles last week, I found countless items I wanted on their website. Then I went to the store in Memphis on Saturday, and I found even more items I wanted.  

I only bought two items in the store because I always get nervous they're going to have a 20% off sale the day after I make my purchase. I justified buying two dresses because I will wear them for a friend's wedding weekend in a couple of weeks. However, I cannot live without several more items I tried on, so I'm hoping to see a sale soon and will scoop up a few more things then. The number 1 thing being the white dress with ruffle sleeves. LOVE! 

Also, have you seen their latest deal for AnthroPerks members? If you sign up (or are already signed up) for AnthroPerks, you get free shipping on all purchases when you spend $150+. I'm pretty excited about this! With all the things I have in my cart, my total is way past that. Now I just need to win the lottery to pay for all the things I'm currently wanting.


Sia Embroidered Peasant Top (click on words in Italics to be taken directly to site)

Edgewise Chambray Tunic- This top reminded me of something my mom would wear. I actually loved it for myself too when I tried it on. It's just a classic white top that is a great length.

Marigot Poplin Blouse- This is clearly not how you are supposed to wear this top. I had to include it on my wish list though because I love it so much! When I picked it up off the rack, I didn't realize it was a crop top. I am not a crop top wearer. However, if you are, please get this one and wear it for me. Those sleeves and ruffles are simply gorgeous!

Linen Chiffon-Sleeve TeeI'm always drawn to flutter sleeves! Plus, this color is gorgeous.

Outfield V-Neck Tee- So this is your basic tee, with some great details. It's super soft, comes in 9 colors (although I absolutely love this sky blue the best), has cute sleeves that are a little different than your usual tee, and is a longer length in the front and back. I included a photo from the front and back to show you this detail. I don't know about you, but I always love a shirt that is a little longer in the back and will cover my behind!

For size reference, I am wearing a medium in all of the tops above, except for the sky blue Outfield V-Neck Tee. I am wearing a large in that style. 

Pajama Pants

Ruffled Sleep Pants- Parker's sister and her family have given me Anthropologie pajama pants (or gift cards for them) for Christmas the past few years, and I always love them. What a fabulous gift?! Tried these on and loved them, as usual. The big ruffle on the bottom is unusual for them, and I really like it! If you know me, you know I would never wear a shirt this fitted with my pj pants though. Humongous, over-sized Disney shirts are clearly the most fashionable way to go. :)

For size reference, I wear a medium in their pajama pants.


Pastel Yarn-Dyed TunicSo glad I didn't buy this on Saturday because since I shopped in store, it has been marked down from $88 to $49.95!

Jayla Printed Caftan- This is not really a length I can pull off, but I love everything else about it! If you like longer coverups, this one is fab.

For size reference, I am wearing a M/L in both coverups. Although maybe I could have sized down to an XS/S to give the second one a more flattering fit. An XS/S is a foreign size to me though, so I didn't even grab that option to try on.


Maella Off-the-Shoulder Tunic Dress- I have seen this exact dress in this color online and have had it on my wishlist for a long time. When I saw it in person, of course I had to try it on, and I loved it even more in real life. I did buy this dress, but I got it in the bright corally red. It comes in the bright corally red that I got, pink, and this moss color. When it goes on sale, I'm tempted to get the pink too. Love it!

Lottie Fluttered Tunic Dress- This is currently number 1 on my wishlist! I LOVE every single thing about it. The flutter sleeves obviously, the pockets, the v neck, the fact that it comes with a slip so it is not see through, and it is machine washable!

Brooke Eyelet Swing Dress- This is the other dress that I bought. As soon as I saw this one online last week, I knew I had to have it. This is the peach color. They also have it in black, which my mom is ordering when it goes on sale. Again, I love the fun sleeves, the v neck, the slip underneath it, and the fact that it is machine washable. I also think the eyelet is so pretty. I don't really own many eyelet things, so I'm super excited to add this to my wardrobe. 

For size reference, I am wearing a medium or size 6 in the dresses above.

Other items I love, but did not try on (numbers go from left to right, top to bottom):

1. Leopard Printed Shirtdress     2. Skysail Ruffled Tunic Dress     3. Galway Fluttered Dress     4. Emmalyn Ruffled Mini Dress     5. Karina Embroidered Tunic Dress     6. Pocketed Linen Tunic     7. Striped Kaftan Cover-Up     8. Linen Boat Neck Pullover     9. Nihira Embroidered One-Shoulder Top     10. Christel Ruffle-Sleeve Top     11. Harley Embroidered Blouse     12. Drake Striped Tee     13. Corinna Ruffled Top     14. Striped Tie-Front Mini Skirt     15. Blair Striped Shorts     16. Ruffled Gingham Mini Skirt

Can you choose 1 or 2 things that you like most?! Please comment below and tell me what they are! These are my favorite finds at Anthropologie in several seasons. There are just too many things to want! And if you are a bride-to-be, you need to check out their whole selection of white dresses. They are gorgeous! Thanks so much for reading!