Nordstrom Rack Private Shopping Party

I wish I could say I was cool enough to have personally received an invitation to the Nordstrom Rack Private Shopping Party, but I only got to go because of a well-connected friend I have. When I was living in Arkansas and working at a high-end boutique, Emily was my manager turned great friend. Now, I am in Southaven, and she is in Memphis, so we are only about half an hour away from each other! 

Emily-   Shirt  //  Jeans  //  Shoes  //  Bag  //  Belt    ;  Me-   Dress  //  Shoes  //  Crossbody Bag

Emily got an invitation to the Nordstrom Rack Private Shopping Party that took place in Memphis on Tuesday, and she invited me to tag along. This was extra special because the store had not opened yet. In fact, the grand opening is today! 

So we got to attend this big shopping party that included champagne, cookies, appetizers, and lots of amazing deals. I think that is pretty close to my definition of heaven. 

I have become an avid Nordstrom shopper in the past few months. However, I honestly did not know much about Nordstrom Rack until this event yesterday. They carry so many fabulous brands that are highly discounted. I have been ranting and raving about Free People the past 2 days, and I am so happy to know they carry it at Nordstrom Rack!


I got this Free People cardigan that is basically sold out everywhere, and it was on sale for 50% off! I already had the cream colored one and love it so much that I picked up this green one. I got it for my mom too. And Emily grabbed one. It is that great!

I cannot believe how many colors and sizes the Nordstrom Rack website still has in stock. We searched for this thing online for months, and we could always only find it on sale in a few sizes and barely any colors. If you like it, click here to be taken to it on Nordstrom Rack's website, and you can take your pick of which colors and size you want! 

I also grabbed this ruffle sleeve fleece dress for $18.97. It is going to be my new weekend uniform that I wear with leggings. They only have small left online, but it is a great one if that is your size! UPDATE- it is now sold out. I'm sorry!


Other things I couldn't believe they had for the prices they offered:

Ugg Slippers


Something else I did while I was there was I signed up for Nordstrom's Reward Program. I've been wanting to get a Nordstrom credit card, but that idea is sort of scary to me because I've never had a credit card for a specific store. I need to learn more about it to see the effect it could have on my credit score. The lady there did tell me it will not impact my credit score if I pay off my card on time. However, their Reward Program has nothing to do with a credit card. It is free and you just have to give them your name, phone number, and email address to sign up. Click here to sign up!

Once you sign up, you get rewards every time you shop at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and HauteLook. You can get points from online or in store purchases. And they have bonus points events from time to time, where you can get extra points. We got triple points when we shopped Tuesday because it was one of those bonus points events! Why am I just now learning about this?!?!?!? Who doesn't love to get free money to put towards their purchases?! Everyone should sign up for this!

One day soon I will apply for a Nordstrom credit card. You can click here if you want to go that route. You can earn more points and get more benefits as a Nordstrom cardholder. However, at the moment, I'm super excited about joining Nordstrom Rewards!


Here's a better shot at my outfit I was so excited to wear for this fun event! I loved Emily's too. I thought it was such a classic look paired with a fun leopard print belt!


Are you a big Nordstrom Rack shopper? I'm so happy to have learned more about it and to be a part of the Rewards Program. Thanks so much to Emily for the invite, and thanks so much to you for reading! Have a great day!