Ten Fall Trends

Today I'm sharing 10 Fall 2017 trends and how I feel about each of them. I typically am not one to explore crazy trends, but I can definitely get behind many of the trends that are happening right now! However, there are also several on this list that I am not so sure about...

1. Statement sleeves- 100% YES! Ruffle sleeves, bell sleeves, balloon sleeves, tie sleeves... I love them all! Outfit details: Bell sleeve tunic // Leggings // Boots


2. The color red- I like red! This trend isn't that crazy, but I honestly don't have much red in my wardrobe. However, I did just get this red dress because I thought it would be perfect for the holidays! I got it from a boutique in Memphis called Indigo. The following link is to Nordstrom because Indigo does not have it online. It is the same dress though! Outfit Details: Dress // Shoes (32% off) // Clutch // Earrings // Bracelets


3. Velvet- I'm not so into this one. Other people look cute in it, but it's not as much my style. Ok, so I wrote this caption before I searched for velvet things. My opinion has changed. I now like several velvet things, especially the Tory Burch bag and Sam Edelman shoes below. I'm still not crazy about velvet clothes, but I guess I can get behind certain velvet shoes and handbags.

4. Victorian detail- I like more moderate Victorian details. I think Victorian necklines can be very pretty. However, I have discovered that many Victorian style pieces are WAY out of my price range and some are WAY too eccentric for me. For example, the first dress pictured below is $2,005. Disclaimer- I do not like all of the pieces I am sharing below, just trying to give an overview of Victorian details. I do like the second and third items I linked though.

5. Florals- I am so picky about florals, but I do love this floral dress!

FullSizeRender 25.jpg

6. Ruffles- YES times 4 billion. I love all ruffles. Outfit Details: Dress // Crossbody Bag


7. Metallic- I like some metallic clothing, but I cannot pull off the shoes.

8. Pearl embellished everything- LOVE! Ok, this trend actually did the opposite of what several other trends did to me. I really loved the pieces I have seen several bloggers post about. They look so cute in their pearl embellished jeans and pearl embellished booties. However, the more pearl embellished pieces I found, the less I loved it. I still like it, but I don't love it like I initially thought I did.

9. Asymmetrical details- My opinion varies so much in this category. However, we do all love this Free People top that has an asymmetrical hem.


10. LEOPARD PRINT! If you read my post last week, you are well aware that I am loving the leopard print trend. If you missed it, click here to check it out! Or you can click here to go to my leopard print dress shown below!


What do you think about these trends? I think ruffles has to be my number 1 favorite. But statement sleeves and leopard print are right behind ruffles! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!