My Lilly Sale Purchases

I know this post is long overdue. However, my Lilly Sale purchases all finally just got to me 2 weeks ago! My second order arrived the same week that I ordered it. However, my first order arrived a month after I purchased it. I'm not complaining because I can't for the prices I paid. Just stating a fact. 

What I was mainly going for during this sale was sweaters that I would be able to wear this fall and winter. You will see below that I had success in the sweater department! I did not pay more than $70 for any of the items I bought, and that includes the cashmere sweaters! Most of my items were actually under $50, and if you are familiar with Lilly Pulitzer, then you know that is quite a deal!

I had so much fun chatting with several of you who also shopped this sale. Some people got through the virtual line in no time, and some people were stuck in it for hours. I got in line on my laptop and my phone right around the same time, and I was able to get into the sale on my phone almost immediately and had to wait for over an hour for my laptop to connect. I'm still pretty confused about how the line works. However, I was pleasantly surprised that Lilly had no technical difficulties this year! Usually the site crashes and no one can shop for a while. As far as I know, that didn't happen this year, so that is exciting news for Lilly (and us too)!

This sale was such a big deal because Lilly does not have a sale section on their website. They never mark down their merchandise, aside from the 2 sales they hold a year. The next one will be in January, so I'm glad we have a little while to rest before the chaos of the sale returns, and we get to shop for highly marked down Lilly pieces again!

Now onto what I got...

Ramona Sweater- I had not ever seen this sweater until the sale, but as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it. The length, fringe, and material are all so fabulous. However, my favorite part is the gold buttons going down the sides! So many great details in this sweater! And it fits true to size.

You can see the buttons better in this shot!

You can see the buttons better in this shot!

Sweater Wrap(Another similar option)- My exact sweater is no longer available, so I have linked up something similar. I love sweaters like this because you can throw them on for chilly nights in the spring, when you go into restaurants in the summer, and you can also continue wearing them with jeans in the fall!


Bright Pink Cardigan- The color of this cardigan is so fabulous! The one I have linked is not the same exact cardigan as the one I own. However, the color is the same. I think it is so fun and brings a little more happiness to the day than a typical neutral colored cardi.

Turquoise Cardigan (Another similar option)- This exact cardigan is now gone. However, I have linked 2 similar ones that are both long cardigans and pretty turquoisey colors. I love how it can be worn in several different seasons! I think it's just as cute with white jeans as it is with leggings or black jeans!

Bright Pink Tank- After ordering all the sweaters I shared with you above, I decided to go back for a second order and purchase some tanks to go underneath the sweaters. I absolutely adore the color, fringe, and material of this one. However, after getting my order, I realized that I had never bought a tank from Lilly before, and I got my size wrong in their tanks. I find that I wear my regular size in all of their clothes, except for tanks. I will size down a full size from here on out in Lilly tanks because the two I ordered have arm holes that are way too big for me and a lot of extra fabric. Also, I don't know what this lighting is in my office, but it's making me 100 shades tanner than I actually am, so I'll take it!


White Silk Tank- My exact tank is now gone, so I have linked up a similar white tank. Again, I ordered my regular size and should have gone down a size, but I will remember that info for the next big sale! Plus, my plan is to wear these under cardigans anyway, so I don't think it's too obvious that the arm holes are double the size they're supposed to be when they're covered by a cardigan. :)


Tunic Dress- I only purchased one dress this year and this is it! The bright colors, style, sleeves and tassels sold me on this one. Lilly dresses are so easy to throw on and go with a pair of sandals in the spring and summer. I always get a lot of wear out of them!


Pajama Pants- I have shared before that I have a thing with pajama pants. I love them. However, I'm going to tell y'all the truth. These aren't as good as PJ Harlows. Click here to check out that blog post and see my all time favorite pjs. I do like these Lilly ones, and I think the pattern is adorable. However, the material and high waist of my PJ Harlows are just better than these Lilly pajamas.


Did you shop the big Lilly sale? How did your purchases fit?! It's always scary to not be able to return your purchases, but the sale prices are just too amazing to be able to pass them up! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!