10 Things Tuesday: Spring Dresses Under $100

I have been loving all of the pretty spring dresses coming out lately! The dresses I'm sharing today could be worn for Easter, weddings, showers, dinners, church, work, etc. And I know this has happened before, but I couldn't narrow my list down to just 10 dresses. So there are actually 15 dresses I'm sharing with you today!

And I'm also going to link up my favorite self tanner for obvious reasons (see photo above). I am going to a blogger event on Thursday and a bridal shower this weekend, so I will be applying my self tanner before then. AND it's being price matched today, so you can currently get it for 15% off!  St. Tropez Self Tanner // Mitt for Application // Self Tan Starter Kit

Do you have a favorite?! This casual striped one might just be my favorite. I think I would get so much use out of it! For more dress options, you can click here to check out another blog post I have written that has a wider variety! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!


Fun, Flirty, & Flattering White Jeans

Searching for the perfect pair of white jeans can be a daunting task. But y'all, my mom and I stumbled upon the best pair while shopping a few weeks ago, and I am SO excited to share them with you. I have to give my mom credit- she actually found them, and I immediately fell in love with them.

IMG_4371 2.JPG

Outfit Details: Yellow Top White JeansWedges

I thought the frayed hem was adorable (and it's really in right now). And my mom pointed out that the material was thick, which is definitely a plus when talking about white jeans. Everybody wants white jeans to be flattering, and these certainly are! They're also high waisted AND the perfect length! But they run really big- we sized down 2 full sizes, and they fit very comfortably.

There is a sale going on right now, and you can currently get $20 off of these jeans (no code needed)! That’s not even the best part though. If you get your total up to $100, then you can use code FEB419CC and get $50 off of your $100 purchase. In addition to the $20 off of the jeans. Like, what?! I’m placing an order today for sure because they’re basically giving things away, and there are 2 dresses I’ve had my eye on! 

Also, that old rule about not wearing white jeans until after Easter is no longer a thing. I have been happily wearing the pair I'm talking about today since I got them. I think white jeans make any outfit look more put together and crisp. I wore the outfit in today's post in Nashville for Ebie's bachelorette party, and I can't suggest the top, white jeans, or shoes more! They're all so comfortable, classic, and CUTE!

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!


Weekend Sales and Weekly Recap

Y'all, I am finally home in Southaven for the weekend, and I could not be more excited! Traveling and getting to see my friends and family every weekend has been so much fun! And I will pick back up next weekend, but I'm so happy to get things done around the house this weekend. I might even head to Memphis and check out some new spring arrivals and sales! :)

However, I'm sharing the best online sales today! I went to Nordstrom in Nashville last weekend, and I was so overwhelmed! It's a lot easier to navigate the website. And oh my goodness- I found the cutest dress that is currently on sale. My favorite item that's on sale this weekend is this dress. LOVE!

Weekend Sales

Anthropologie- Anthro Day! 20% Off Full Price Items

    My Yellow Top    is 20% off!

My Yellow Top is 20% off!

J.Crew Factory- Extra 25% Off Your Purchase with code GOLD

    My coverup    is $37.12 with the code GOLD!

My coverup is $37.12 with the code GOLD!

Neiman Marcus- 30% Off One Regular Priced Item with code CHARM30 (I don't normally shop here, but you can get 30% off of all the best Tory Burch shoes, so I clearly have to include this amazingness!)

 Everybody always talks about the    Miller sandals    (which are great), but these    Monroe sandals    are actually my favorite pair of sandals by Tory Burch!

Everybody always talks about the Miller sandals (which are great), but these Monroe sandals are actually my favorite pair of sandals by Tory Burch!

Nordstrom- New Markdowns

Nordstrom Rack- Extra 40% Off Women's Clearance

  Outfit Details:   Dress  //  Wedges  //  Earrings

Outfit Details: Dress // Wedges // Earrings

 Outfit Details:    Dress  //  Wedges

Outfit Details: Dress // Wedges

  Outfit Details:   Yellow Top  //  White Jeans

Outfit Details: Yellow Top // White Jeans


All You Need to Know About a Honeymoon Shower

A few years ago, my friend Caroline introduced me to the idea of a Honeymoon Shower. She was the first person I've ever known to have one of these parties, and I LOVED the idea! I copied Caroline and also had a Honeymoon Shower before Parker and I got married. We had Ebie's Bachelorette Party last weekend in Nashville, and we decided to do the same thing for her!


If you're curious about what a honeymoon shower is, I'll fill you in! It is a party where a bride-to-be is showered with gifts that she can use on her honeymoon (and well after)! This party can be given in place of a lingerie shower during the bachelorette party.


The fun part was that Ebie had no idea what any of our plans were for the weekend. Her flight got in Saturday morning, so we kicked off her festivities with a Brunch & Honeymoon Shower at her friend Natalie's house!


Before Ebie got there, we set up the decorations and got the food and drinks ready. We had a mimosa and bloody mary bar, but I only have pictures from before it was actually set up (whoops). 


Natalie also added some nice touches, like place cards, her fine china, flowers, and cute napkins!


Another friend thought to decorate Ebie's chair. So cute and fun!


Another friend brought a veil and sash to make the bride feel extra special!


Of course the fun part was showering Ebie with gifts that she can use on her honeymoon!


Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of all of Ebie's gifts after she opened them. However, I have some of them at my house right now, so keep scrolling to see a picture!


Ebie's friends also made it more fun by adding in a couple of games after she opened her gifts!


Maid of Honor duties include taking lots of pictures for the scrapbook! But getting one with the bride was also a requirement!

  Outfit Details-   Our White Jeans  //  My Top

Outfit Details- Our White Jeans // My Top

One of Ebie's friends texted me asking about gift ideas for the honeymoon shower. I clearly forgot to explain that when planning this party, so today I'm making sure to include this info for you! Check out the picture below to see some of her gifts, and the links will be underneath the picture!


Ebie's going to Antigua for her honeymoon, so we wanted to shower her with gifts she could use while there. However, the best part about the gifts given at a honeymoon shower is that they can be used for years and years to come! Some things Ebie received include:


I had to include this little blooper. :) Flat lays aren't the easiest shots to take in this house. Bailey and Rosie love Ebie's gifts!

If you have any questions, let me know! We had the best time celebrating Ebie, and I think any bride would love a shower like this! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!


10 Things Tuesday: Spring Things Under $100

I have a blog post about Ebie's honeymoon shower coming soon, but I'm excited to share a 10 Things Tuesday post today! These posts are typically pretty short and sweet, but it takes me a while to decide on my 10 things. I go to all of my favorite retailers' websites and check out all of their new arrivals. I put all of my favorite things in a folder, and the hard part is narrowing it down to just 10 things! I'm excited about today's roundup though!

IMG_4371 2.JPG

I wore the shirt pictured above in Nashville last weekend. I knew it was going to make the cut for today's post. It is the perfect top to wear right now while our weather is a little cooler than usual. But the bright and happy color makes it perfect for spring!

I paired it with my new white jeans that also made the cut in today's 10 things. I have so many things to say about these jeans that I have an entire post dedicated to them. It is coming soon, but I can assure you they are fabulous (my mom, sister, and I all have and love them)!

Can you choose a favorite? The coverup is the item that I want most! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!


Recent Finds at Old Navy, J.Crew Factory, and Anthropologie

Spring is my very favorite season, and all of the new spring arrivals have been making me so happy! The fact that many of these new arrivals are on sale makes me even happier!

I'm actually heading to Memphis today to get my haircut, so goodness knows I will be stopping by some of my favorite stores and checking out some more spring clothes. I need to find an outfit for Ebie's Bachelorette party in Nashville this weekend!

But anyway, I'm so excited to share the things that I have found lately because they are SO cute (especially this pom pom coverup that I bought a couple of days ago)! And most of them are very reasonably priced! Win-win! 

Old Navy

White Embroidered Shift Dress


J.Crew Factory- Up to 50% off with code SPRINGY

Ruffle Sleeve Dress



Pink Jeans


Eyelet Top (on sale!) & White Shorts


Plum Eyelet Top (on sale!)


Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!


What to Wear for Easter and Spring Weddings

Hey Y'all! It feels like I've been away for forever. I typically write blog posts Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. However, I took a little break this week after a fun weekend at home with my family and friends. So I will just have blog posts Thursday and Friday this week.

When packing to go home for a wedding last weekend, I realized that I need to add to my wedding guest dress collection. I talked to my mom about this dilemma, and she told me that she had several friends looking for dresses to wear to weddings this spring too.

So, here we are- I have done lots of online research and found the most beautiful dresses to wear to spring weddings and/or Easter. I will include a separate section of white dresses that can be worn for Easter. When picking out a dress to wear to a wedding, the 2 rules that come to mind are: 1. Do NOT wear white. 2. Dress conservatively. Dressing conservatively also goes for Easter, but white dresses are totally acceptable for this joyful day!

I wore the dress pictured below to my friend Maggie's wedding last weekend. I got it when I was working at a boutique in Northwest Arkansas. It is by Trina Turk, and I have found the same style dress on several retailers' websites, but they are all different prints. I'll link them below the picture! I sure am missing my employee discount.

I have 4 categories of dresses for you today: 1. 10 Dresses Under $60 2. 15 Dresses Under $100 3. 20 White Dresses 4. 25 Dresses for $100+ My favorite dresses are of course in the last category. :) If you see a dress you love, but it is not in a color that you like, click on it because a lot of the dresses I am sharing come in multiple color options!

10 Dresses Under $60

    Dress    (comes in 10 colors)

Dress (comes in 10 colors)

15 Dresses Under $100

20 White Dresses

25 Dresses for $100+

Can you pick one favorite? If I had to choose just one, I would have to pick this pink dress! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!

Weekend Sales and Weekly Recap

I am back home this weekend, and I am so excited to see my friend Maggie get married tomorrow! Wedding season is in full swing, and I will be on the road just about every weekend for the next couple of months. It's going to be a lot of traveling, but I couldn't be more excited to celebrate some of my very favorite people and get to have lots of time with my family and friends! 

Today I have rounded up some of the best weekend sales, as well as my picks from each one! Dresses (like the one shown below), shoes, bags, shorts, swimsuits, lots of things. Happy shopping and happy weekend!

Weekend Sales

J.Crew- 30% off + Extra 10% off full price styles with code DIYUMSN

J.Crew Factory- 40-60% off everything (online only) + Extra 40% off clearance with code MORE

Shopbop- Buy More Save More Sale: USE CODE GOBIG18 FOR 15% off $200+

Tory Burch- Private Event: Up to 70% off


Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

Must-Have Wedges for Spring

Before I started blogging, I noticed all of my favorite fashion bloggers wearing the wedges I am sharing with you today. I have loved them since I first saw them on these girls. They are classic wedges that can be worn with basically any spring and summer outfit. 

What I was not aware of before Ebie gave them to me for Christmas (best gift ever!) was just how comfortable they are. I am a sissy when it comes to tall shoes. I rarely ever wear heels. These wedges appear to be tall, but they are actually very comfortable!

I have heard other girls suggest buying these Marc Fisher wedges early because they sell out fast! I've always been confused by this- why would spring shoes sell out before spring even begins? I've learned it is because they are that good. And these girls were right- they are already selling out. 


You can click here to check out the exact perforated pair that I have. They are almost sold out. However, you can click here to see the same shoe minus the perforation, and there are lots more in stock. These are also really similar.


Do you know what a dupe is? I have heard several people lately ask what a dupe is. Dupe is a shortened form of duplicate... so these Steve Madden wedges I'm about to share with you are a (much less expensive) dupe of the Marc Fisher wedges I just talked about. 


 My mom got me these dupes a couple of months ago! They are significantly less than half the price of the Marc Fisher wedges, and they are basically identical! And SO comfortable! But again, selling out quickly. 


They are such a classic pair of shoes that go with basically any spring outfit!


If your size is sold out, or if you want a more affordable option, I have found ANOTHER dupe! I actually tried these on yesterday, and the quality is not as nice as the other two pairs I have shared. I guess that should be expected since they are only $32.99, but they look so similar to the Marc Fisher and Steve Madden wedges! And they're very comfortable too. I did size down half a size in these shoes. One last thing- if you add something else to your cart for $2-3 and get your order up to $35, then you can get free 2 day shipping!


For yet another pair of fabulous wedges, you can check out this blog post called The Most Comfortable and Affordable Wedges. In this post, I shared wedges that are currently $29.99. More people have purchased these wedges through my links than any other item I've ever shared! And the reviews I've gotten have all been superb- they really are like walking on a fluffy cloud! I have them in taupe and black and love them both!

I will share more options below. Neutral wedges are my favorite type of shoe to wear all spring and summer! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!