We're Having a Baby BOY!!!

Parker and I found out yesterday that we are pregnant with a baby BOY! We are overjoyed and SO excited to finally know this precious info! We are 17 weeks pregnant, and baby boy Goodman is due Christmas day! The 150 day countdown is on (so thankful for the invention of apps that tell us fun info like that)! 

IMG_9027 2.jpg

We looked at various old wives' tales and about 90% of our answers told us we were having a girl. However, I have had a feeling since the very beginning that it was a boy. At our first doctor's appointment, my doctor looked at me and said what are you having? I said is this a trick question? Do you already know what we're having? He said no, but you do. A mother's intuition is the most reliable gender predictor. All of those old wives' tales are bologna. He was 100% correct in our case. 

Like I mentioned in my pregnancy announcement blog post, we thought we were going to find out the gender at our doctor's appointment last week. However, that didn't happen, so our doctor scheduled us to come back for an ultrasound yesterday. 

As soon as we walked in, I asked the ultrasound lady if she could write down the gender and put it in an envelope, so that we could find out via cupcake filling a little later. She said of course and as soon as she found the baby, she said he was face down with his legs crossed. That made it difficult to find out the gender, so she let us just watch him for a few minutes.

She referred to the baby as she or her, before and after she found out the gender. Parker didn't notice, but of course I was thinking did she slip up? Is it a girl? Or is she tricking us, and is it a boy? She kept it consistent though, and said she or her the whole time! We got to see all 5 fingers on one hand, his face, his spine, and he gave us a thumbs up at one point (pictured below)! I couldn't believe how much bigger he looked than the last ultrasound when we went in at 11 weeks. He's taking up lots of space in there! He is currently the size of a pomegranate according to 2 of my apps- The Bump and Ovia Pregnancy (this is the first time they have both said the same thing).


After a few minutes, she turned the monitor off, so that we couldn't see anymore and determined whether it was a boy or girl. She put the pictures in an envelope and included "it's a boy" on a couple of them! It was pretty hard to not bust into that envelope early because it was just held together with one piece of tape.


I had called a few bakeries on the way to our appointment. I didn't realize how hard it was to order cupcakes filled with icing. One place said they would need 5 days, and another place said they didn't offer cupcake filling. However, I ended up finding the most precious bakery called Old Towne Bakery in Olive Branch, which is basically right next door to Southaven.

The man I talked to on the phone was SO friendly. He told me the lady who fills the cupcakes was there in the morning, so I needed to let them know what to fill the cupcakes with... obviously I did not know what to fill them with, so I ordered 2 vanilla cupcakes filled with pink icing and 2 vanilla cupcakes filled with blue icing- best idea on my part because they are SO good!

Before we went to the cupcake place, we went and enjoyed lunch at our favorite restaurant- Tazikis. It's in Memphis, so we don't get there as often as we would like. Thanks to Ebie and Patrick for my birthday gift card- lunch was on them! Then, we drove to Old Towne Bakery. We walked inside, and it was the cutest place and the owner was SO nice! We gave him the envelope, and he brought us the cupcakes. He told us the cupcakes in the container with the sticker were the ones that were filled with the color of our baby's gender. The other container didn't have a sticker.

I got him to take our picture, and he told us that we better get out of there before he spilled the beans and ruined the surprise for us. We walked right outside, and there was a precious little table and chairs set. Olive Branch is very small, and we were in the downtown area that is adorable! We sat right down, and I of course had to snap a photo of the unopened cupcakes. 


Then we opened the box, and Parker said he was full from lunch and didn't want one. So I pulled one out, and the white icing on top sort of slipped in my hand... and I was able to see the tiniest bit of blue poking through. Parker could immediately tell from my face that I saw it. I've never been one who could hide facial expressions, so I took a big bite in an effort to get far enough in there to show him the BLUE icing! Such an exciting and special moment!


I shared this exciting news with our family and a few close friends yesterday. Some people asked me if I was excited... I have always been a girly girl and only grew up with a sister, so I think some people might have assumed I wanted a girl. However, I could not possibly be more excited! I have honestly never prayed for a boy or girl specifically. I have only ever prayed for a healthy baby, and we are beyond thankful and excited that God blessed us with this baby boy! His plan is perfect and has been far better than we ever could have imagined!

I am also beyond thankful for your love and kind words! When I shared about our pregnancy last week, I was overwhelmed in the best way! Y'all made it the most fun day, and I cannot thank you enough! The timing of the big Nordstrom Sale couldn't have been better either because this baby boy has already been gifted this DockATot, this Little Giraffe baby blanket, this Little Giraffe towel, this Mustella newborn arrival gift set, this Halo sleepsack swaddle, this Halo sleepsack wearable blanket, as well as some precious baby boy clothing (that was just ordered yesterday)!

You can click here if you missed the blog post where I shared our pregnancy announcement. As always, thank you so much for reading! And I hope you have a great day!

Last thing- because all I want to look at now is precious teensy tinsy baby things, I'm linking some of the most adorable baby things included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!