Gift Ideas for a 29 Year Old AKA My Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming up next week, so I thought this would be a great time to share some things that this soon-to-be 29 year old thinks would make great gifts. I don't understand how I could possibly be turning 29, but it's happening. Parker has asked me 4 million times what I want, so I'm making it easy for him. And any of you that are trying to buy logical or frivolous gifts for 29(ish) year olds!

Believe it or not, I seriously struggled when trying to come up with ideas for this post. Parker said if I don't give him any ideas, he will just give me a gift card for a shopping trip at the Shops of Saddle Creek in Memphis. And I think that must have thrown off my brainstorming process because I am 100% ok with that idea! However, I enlisted the help of some of my best friends who are 28 and 29, and they suggested some fabulous ideas that I have included in the list below!

I'm going to break it down into 3 parts. In the first part, I'm sharing an outfit that would be perfect for a birthday girl. In part 2, I'm sharing 10 specific products 29 year old girls would love to receive. In part 3, I'm sharing 10 general ideas that would have to be narrowed down based on the girl receiving the gift. Also, NEVER FORGET the birthday dessert. Parker learned this lesson the hard way. There must be some sort of sweet treat- cupcake, cookie, cake, pie, something!

Part 1: The Outfit

Outfit Details: Top | White Jeans | Wedges | Clutch

Part 2: 10 Shoppable Gift Ideas

Glamour Wash Diva- the BEST smelling laundry detergent

Neulash- lash enhancing serum (haven't tried this product but have heard amazing reviews)

Tarte Concealer- to brighten up our under eye area

Lisi Lerch Earrings- the most adorable statement earrings

Nude Block Heels- a comfy shoe to wear to all the weddings and showers (my mom actually got these for me, and I'll be wearing them this weekend!)

Ugg Slippers- because the pair we've had for years is getting reallllly worn out

Pajamas- my favorites are by PJ Harlow, but I had a friend say she adores her Lake Pajamas 

Zella Leggings- because we need more than one pair of the most comfortable leggings :)

Anything from the Anthropologie Home Collection at Nordstrom

New Comforter- it's about time to replace the one we've had for years

Part 3: 10 General Ideas

A Nice Camera

Experiential Gifts- like tickets to a fun show, event, or concert

Art- I know a great place where you can find this :)

A Trip- tropical for me please

A Nice Piece of Jewelry

Furniture- I'm on the lookout for new bedside tables

Home Decor- a new mirror is on my list

A Piece of Silver or Fine China- to finish off any incomplete sets

Skin Care Gift Certificates- for things like facials, dermaplaning, serums, and lotions

Basically Any Gift Card- my picks would be Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Target, Chickfila

I feel like I need to add so many more ideas to this list! If you have any gift ideas, please let me know! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!