How to Throw a Sweet Shower

Several of my aunts threw Ebie the nicest bridal shower last week. So today, I'm excited to share some pictures, as well as what I learned about planning a shower. My aunt Peggy does not take party planning lightly. She paid attention to every last detail and worked with my other aunts and mom to create such a special event for Ebie!

How to Throw a Sweet Shower

1. Find a pretty invitation that goes with the color scheme of the bride's wedding.


2. Order cute cups and napkins that continue the theme.


3. Prepare decorations by cutting cute flowers and greenery from your generous friends’ houses (saves money!).


4. Order a pretty cake. Ebie’s was the Tie the Knot cake from Publix and SO delicious!

Facetune_17-02-2018-22-28-57 2.JPG

5. Select your caterer. Ebie loves Mexican, so Fuzzy’s Taco Shop was what we had! 


6. Now the important part- drinks. :) Ebie's shower had margaritas and Coronas to continue the Mexican aspect, but wine was also offered. As well as water and tea.


7. Designate a person who will be the photographer for the night. That was me! 


8. Decide a way that the gifts will be opened. Ebie doesn’t like to be the center of attention, so she chose for everybody to open a gift and share what it was with the group. This is a time saver too. 


9. Don’t forget your music!

10. Clean up is an important step. Ebie had the best hostesses who all pitched in to make sure our house was all cleaned up before they left!


More Photos from Ebie's Bridal Shower + Outfit Details


Outfit Details

My mom got her dress during the Lilly Pulitzer sale in January. You can click here to be taken to the color that is available now. I also purchased it during the Lilly sale, so you will see it on me soon! :) 

Ebie's wearing a dress by Camilyn Beth. I bought it when I was working at a boutique when Parker and I were living in Arkansas. This exact style is no longer available. However, Camilyn Beth makes beautiful dresses. You can click here to check them out. 

Like my mom, I also got my dress during the Lilly Pulitzer sale in January. It is no longer available either. However, you can click here to check out other special occasion dresses by Lilly!

Facetune_17-02-2018-22-30-56 2.JPG

If you have any other tips, please let me know! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!