Pregnancy Essentials

As of today, we are officially 2 months away from our due date! Time is flying, and I feel like I have spent enough time being pregnant at this point to share my must-have pregnancy items!

I know this post is not for everyone, but one way I come up with ideas of things to write about is through questions I am asked. I have had lots of questions about this topic lately, so I wanted to share my thoughts in one place! I always want to write about things that people are interested in, so if you ever have any questions or ideas of things for me to write about, I would love for you to send them my way!

Pregnancy Essentials

Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow- This is something I wish I would have purchased much earlier on in my pregnancy. Honestly, before becoming pregnant myself, I didn’t realize you couldn’t sleep on your back or stomach anymore. This pillow helps so much with getting comfortable on my sides, and it alleviates back pain. It took me a couple of nights to figure out exactly how to use it, but now I cannot go a night without it. It takes up a lot of space, but I have to have it, even when traveling! A little pricy, but worth every single penny. Rosie is a huge fan of it too. :)


What to Expect When You’re Expecting- This has basically been my pregnancy bible. Pregnancy is a whole new world. There are so many changes happening in your body and SO much to learn! This book is organized by month of pregnancy, so I read it as I go. It has taught me how much weight is normal to gain, what the cause of my back pain is, and countless other things that have answered my “is this normal?” questions I frequently have.

The Nanny Connie Way- My friend Caroline taught me about this book, and it is such an easy yet informative read. And y’all- shared here that the nanny who wrote this book is supposed to be the nanny for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby. If she’s good enough for them, I believe her advice will be good enough for us. :)

Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care- I honestly haven’t started reading this book yet, but it is the one book my doctor suggested. And I adore him, so anything he suggests, I will try! Parker ordered it for me, and I plan on starting it once I catch up on What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Palmer’s Stretch Mark Lotion- I just stumbled upon this stuff recently and wish I had had it for way longer. I tried a Burt’s Bees stretch mark cream for a while, and I know that some people like it, but I am SO picky about lotions and really didn’t love it. I really don’t like the texture of lotion at all, but I do like this Palmer’s stuff. It rubs in really quickly and has no smell. I haven’t noticed any stretch marks yet, so I will continue using this throughout the rest of my pregnancy in hope that this stuff helps prevent them!

Big Yeti Cup- Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water is so important while pregnant. I find it easier to drink more water when it is ice cold, and I can drink it out of a straw. Thanks to Ebie for this Christmas gift from last year that I am still getting so much use out of!

Heating Pad- I got one of these when I started having terrible back pain, and it has helped tremendously! I put it behind my back when sitting on the sofa and even in my bed when my back still hurts at night.

Comfy Slippers- It was officially time for my Ugg slippers to go in the trashcan. I got a lot of use out of them and completely wore them out. I knew I wanted a new pair of comfortable slippers, but I didn’t want to pay the money for Ugg slippers, so I purchased these. And I personally think they are just as comfortable! I actually prefer wearing these to being barefoot because they give my feet support.

Maternity Leggings- This is what I get the most questions about. And I feel so bad because my only suggestion is constantly sold out. I bought 2 pairs of Zella maternity leggings during the big Nordstrom sale (medium and large), and I have only ever owned and loved these. I am constantly checking the website to see if they get restocked, but they just come back in a couple of sizes from time to time. If they do happen to have a few sizes in stock, I suggest going with your true size. The medium pair has fit me comfortably my entire pregnancy. The large pair was way too big for a long time and would not stay up. They are starting to fit a little more comfortably as I get bigger, but the medium still fits. So I would suggest going with your true size. I am around five foot five, and they are the perfect length on me.

Maternity Jeans- I know people have all different preferences for maternity jeans. I personally prefer a low panel because I don’t love the higher bands suffocating my stomach. Maternity clothes can be super pricy, so I have tried to not purchase too many because I know I will not need them for long. However, jeans are obviously something everyone needs in the fall and winter. I ordered 3 pairs of Old Navy maternity rockstar jeans a while ago and loved 2 of the 3. I loved this pair, this pair, and I did not love this pair with the side panel. They didn’t stay up well on me. I went with my regular size in the first two pairs I mentioned, and they fit perfectly!

Comfy Bras- I have come to despise all bras with underwire. I have mostly been wearing sports bras because I have had a hard time finding bras that I actually like. Just like with jeans, I don’t like the bras with big bands that go down lower and suffocate my stomach. My friend Sarah just told me about these nursing bras. She said she wore them while breastfeeding, as well as after, because they are so comfortable. I’m def ordering them to add to my very small collection of comfortable bras that I like. While we’re talking undergarments, I’ll also mention that I have heard these underwear are fabulous for pregnancy. I hope it’s just girls reading today’s post. :)

Stretchy Pajama Pants- Until I hit about 20 weeks, I lived in these PJ Harlow pajama pants. They are all I have worn for the past few years. I love them, but they are made out of satin, and I needed something a little more stretchy for pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins- I don’t take anything fancy. I’ve been taking One A Day prenatals, and they have worked just fine.

Nausea Meds- This is obviously something you have to talk to your doctor about, but it is also a pregnancy essential that I simply had to include on this list. During the first trimester, I took Diclegis free samples until they ran out, and then I switched to a Diclegis alternative because that stuff is $$$. My doctor told me that a combo of Unisom (make sure it says Doxylamine Succinate on the box) and Vitamin B works just the same as Diclegis, and it did for me. My doctor also told me that after the first trimester, nausea is not typically caused by morning sickness, it’s caused by reflux. So he switched me to Nexium, and that is what I will take until the baby is born to prevent nausea. So far, so good. Knock on serious wood! And again, this is something you should talk to your doctor about because this is just what has worked for me. It could be different for everyone!

Snacks- specifically blandish carbs to keep in your purse, your bedside table, your car, etc. There have been so many occasions where cheerios, crackers, or plain chips have saved the day for me. Even when I don’t feel hungry at all but I don’t feel good, Parker will tell me to eat a snack, and it makes me feel better just about every single time!

Kopari Deodorant- This is a last minute addition, so there is not a photo of it in the collage, but I wanted to include it! I have been careful about every single thing I put on my body while carrying a baby, so I finally made the switch to a better-for-me deodorant. This deodorant is made with organic coconut oil. It is aluminum free, non toxic, paraben free, etc. In all honesty, I was using Old Spice before I switched over to this. I love the smell! It took me a few days to get used to the different smell of this deodorant, but I do like it now. Not as much as Old Spice, but I know it is better for me, so I am sticking with it!

If you have any other ideas, please share! I’d love to add them to this list! Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day!