My First Blog Collaboration- Neutrogena

I'm so excited that the day is here to share this fun news with you! Neutrogena reached out and asked me to partner with them and share their Healthy Skin line! 


My immediate (and obvious) answer was YES! Number 1- the freezing cold temps and Christmas treats have taken a toll on my skin, so ummm duh! I'm more than happy to give some products in a line called Healthy Skin a try. And number 2- hello, it's Neutrogena! I have used and loved this brand for years, so of course I would love to try their products and share my thoughts with you! 


I have used their sunscreen, lip gloss, face wash, and makeup remover for as long as I can remember. However, all of the products they sent were new to me, so it has been so much fun experimenting with them!


Some fabulous news is that they gave me a code for you to get 25% off any makeup product from Just type in code HEALTHYSKIN25 at checkout for your discount to be applied. And you can get free shipping with a $25 purchase. I'm not going to go in depth about all of the products in this line, but I wanted to share a couple of my favorites. 

1. Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Foundation

Would you believe me if I told you I've never owned liquid foundation? It's the truth. They sent 3 colors for me to try, and shade Nude (40) was the perfect shade for me. I was always scared liquid foundation would feel really heavy and caked on my face. This stuff is very natural-looking and does not feel that way at all. It is a lightweight formula that contains SPF 20. So this makeup is actually better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all!

2. Moisture Smooth Color Stick

This color is a little different than the color I have been wearing lately, but I LOVE it! I used color Fresh Papaya (20), and it is unfortunately sold out on Neutrogena's website right now. However, it comes in 7 other colors that are currently stocked. You know how sometimes lipstick can feel like it is drying out your lips? This product does not do that. It is so moisturizing and smells amazing! I found it pretty neat that it is made with fruit extracts. Maybe that's why it smells so good.


As I mentioned, you can get 25% off at However, if you'd prefer to shop at Ulta, they are offering buy one get one 50% off on the products pictured below!

Throughout my first 8 months of blogging, I have not felt like any brands who reached out were a good fit for me. There have been quite a few times where I have had to say no because I will only partner with brands that I truly love. So, as you can probably tell by now, my first partnership with Neutrogena has brought me so much joy! 

I am so grateful for YOU reading my post, and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to partner with a brand I love! Can't wait to see where this crazy fun blogging adventure goes in 2018! And if you have any questions about any of the other products pictured above, feel free to message me. Or click here to check out Neutrogena's website yourself!


I'm going to add one more thing to this post because several bloggers have messaged me asking how I decided which brands to say no to and why I finally said yes to a brand. As I mentioned earlier, I have not felt like any brands were the right fit for me until Neutrogena reached out.

Sure, it sounds fun to receive free products and get paid to share about them. AND I am a people pleaser and hate saying no! However, what is most important to me is keeping the trust of my readers. I would feel awful sharing products or brands that I cannot stand behind 100%. I only want to share products and brands that I truly love, and Neutrogena positively falls into that category!

I am so thankful to have you here! If you have any questions, I'd love to chat! Have a great day!