Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Guys

I always struggle with writing blog posts about gift ideas for guys because Parker and my dad never want anything. However, I asked Parker for gift ideas for Valentine's Day, and he pulled through! He actually already has what he suggested, so I can't get it for him. But I thought it was a great idea to share with you!

When we were living in Fayetteville, we had a few friends come stay with us for the Auburn- Arkansas game. Parker's friend Korey wore the best looking pullover. It was so nice that I said I had to get it for Parker. Parker did not hear me say anything about it to Korey, and he actually pointed out that he really liked it too and asked Korey where he got it. Parker has never made a comment like this since I've known him, so I got it for him that Christmas.


The exact item I'm talking about is this pullover. It is such nice quality and the material is super comfortable. I had never heard of Peter Millar until Korey wore this, and it is now one of my favorite brands for guys. I obviously got an Auburn one for Parker, but you can click here to check out all of the different teams you can choose from. Or you can click here to check out this pullover without any logo!


The pullover is not currently on sale. I have never actually seen it go on sale, but it is worth every penny! Parker has gotten so much use out of it and even mentioned wanting another color. He never ever says he wants clothes, so that comment really says something about this pullover!  

Also, Peter Millar is having a huge end of season sale right now! You can get an extra 20% off sale styles with code JAN18. This is the sale I took advantage of a couple of years ago to add to Parker's Peter Millar collection. Items sell out pretty quickly, but I'm sharing all of the best sale items below (everything I have linked is included in the sale, aside from the pullover we love)! I was not able to choose the color I would pick in each image, so be sure to click on the picture and check out the other color options if you like the style but not the color shown in the images.

I hope this is helpful! Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!