Because can be confusing and because I have received several questions about it, I decided to share some of the most frequently asked questions that I get. For simplicity purposes, I will refer to as LTK throughout this post. Please feel free to comment at the end and ask any questions you have, and I will be happy to answer them and add them to this list because someone else might have your same question! I hope this is helpful!

Pullover  (runs big, size down) //  Leggings  //  Slippers

Pullover (runs big, size down) // Leggings // Slippers

***How does LTK work?

I am going to copy and paste the answer to this question directly from LTK's FAQ page because this is a big one, and I do not want to butcher it--- enables you to shop influencer images from Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and across the mobile web. Influencers tag products in their images and delivers the ready-to-shop product details to you via the app and email when you screenshot or 'like' an image on social media or the mobile web. From the iOS app, you are able to discover and curate thousands of ready-to-shop influencer images, daily. To check out more information on their FAQ page, click here.

***How do I sign up for LTK?

LTK is a free app you can download from the app store. You can click here to download it. You will then be walked through a few steps to get the app on your phone and create an account. Like I said, it is totally free.

***What do I do after I get the app?

Your app will appear blank at first. However, after liking or screenshotting my Instagram posts, my pictures will pop up in your LTK app. When you click on them, you will be able to see all of my outfit details. Once you click on these pictures, you will be taken directly to the site where I purchased the linked items. If you follow any other bloggers who post LTK-enabled images, you will see their pictures in the app too, if you like or screenshot their pictures. This is one of my favorite ways to shop!

Also, if my pictures do not pop up immediately, you can always go to the magnifying glass in the bottom right hand corner and type in artfashionfun. Then you will be taken directly to my profile, and all of my images will pop up. There are pictures below to show you what this looks like.

FullSizeRender 27.jpg
FullSizeRender 29.jpg

***What do you mean LTK-enabled photos?

LTK-enabled photos have a black or white symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the photo. This symbol is there to let you know that the photo can be found in the LTK app, and you can shop the details. I do not use LTK for all of the photos I post. For example, yesterday I posted pictures with my grandparents for Grandparents Day. These were pictures from a couple of years ago, and many of the items I am wearing are no longer available, so I could not link up the items for you. So there is no LTK symbol on that photo, and you cannot find it in the LTK app. However, I will be posting a new LTK-enabled photo later today, and you will see that it does have a symbol in the bottom right hand corner to show you it is LTK-enabled! And soon after you like or screenshot it, it will show up in your LTK app!

***Are you working for LTK?

Yes! Well actually LTK is a part of a bigger company called RewardStyle, so I am technically working for RewardStyle. But yes, this was a HUGE milestone for me to reach, and I am still so excited and thankful to be a part of this team.

***Are you getting paid by them? How do you make money?

Yes, I am getting paid by RewardStyle. I am given unique links, and when people shop through these links, I get a small commission off of each item bought. Obviously, the majority of your money goes to the retailer where you are purchasing the item from. However, I do get a small portion of the money spent when you shop through my links. 

***Can you tell I just shopped through your link and bought something?

I can see when certain items have been purchased. However, I am never able to see who has shopped through my links. This has been something I have struggled with because I am SO grateful when people shop through my links, and all I want to do is write them thank you notes. This is why I am always asking you to tell me if you buy something. I want to THANK YOU for shopping through my links! A name is never associated with a purchase.  

***What if I don't have the LTK app? How can I find out the details of your Instagram pictures?

I created a Shop My Insta page for this exact reason. I know that not everyone wants to download another app on their phone. So I created this page on my blog to make it easy for these people to shop too! You can look at the screenshots I included below to see what the Shop My Insta page looks like. All of my LTK-enabled photos appear on this page as soon as I post them to Instagram. When you go to the Shop My Insta page, you can click on any of the photos and all of the details will pop up. This page is almost identical to my profile on the LTK app.

FullSizeRender 26.jpg
FullSizeRender 28.jpg

Click here to go to the Shop My Insta page, and you will see all of the pictures I have posted on Instagram that are LTK-enabled. When you click any of those pictures, you will be able to see all of my outfit details without having to sign up for LTK. 

Fun fact- That blanket I linked in the post above has been one of my best selling items. When I say best-selling, I mean that out of all of the items I have linked up, this blanket has been what the most people have purchased. Maybe people stocked up on it for gifts? It was linked up in my 5th LTK-enabled Instagram post, and I'm here to tell you that it is worth every penny. It is extremely soft and is occupied by Parker, Bailey, Rosie, or me 98% of the day.

More Info:

-How LTK came about: Around 5 years ago, a college student was working as a stylist. She was getting paid by the hour, but she wanted a way to monetize all of the links she was sending to her clients. She wanted a commission on everything she sold. So she worked with her boyfriend (now husband) who was an engineer. He helped her create a way to monetize everything she was selling online. Which is how LTK was created.

-How Bloggers Make Money: I actually just learned that little story above a couple weeks ago when reading a blog post that another blogger wrote. I have to give credit to Amanda from The Miller Affect. I summarized the story above of how LTK came about after reading her post called How Bloggers Make Money. I found her article to be interesting because I am so new to this blogging world and still learning new things daily. She also made sure to include a list of blogger expenses, which is not short.

-The Discover Tool: This is the icon in the middle of your LTK app on the very bottom. LTK-enabled pictures that get the most likes and have the highest engagement rates on Instagram will appear in this section. This is how I have found several top tier bloggers who I now love to follow!

-THANK YOU: I have several family members and friends who will message me and ask me to send them links before they do any online shopping because they know it helps me, and I feel like I cannot wrap up this blog post without saying THANK YOU so much for being so thoughtful! I know that it is an extra step to include me in your online shopping experience, but I am forever grateful!

I hope this post helps clarify a little bit. Like I said, I am still learning new things daily, so if I missed something, please feel free to reach out and ask! I know some bloggers don't talk freely about this topic, but I am happy to do so! Again, you can click here to download the LTK app and click here to check out my Shop My Insta page. Thanks so much for reading and shopping through my links! Have a great day!