Three Things Thursday

Back today with my third post in the Three Things Thursday series. I am sharing 3 unrelated things that I think you should know about! You can click on the words in Italics to be taken directly to the sites.

1. Sugar Kiss Melon

When this stuff comes in season, I cannot get enough of it. You need to get one, and possibly even more than one. I got my first one Sunday, and it was gone by Tuesday. My mom accidentally bought sugar kiss melon last summer, thinking it was cantaloupe. This accident taught us about the most delicious fruit.

Sugar kiss melons appear almost identical to cantaloupe. However, the texture and taste are much better, in my opinion. I like cantaloupe too, but sugar kiss melons are sweeter and much tastier. They have a light, crisp texture that is so refreshing. My mom bought hers from Publix. However, I was so happy when I was able to find them at Walmart because we don't have a Publix in Southaven.

The first picture above shows that I found them in a basket with a label that says Canary Melons. I think it was mislabeled because when I googled canary melons, they are not the same thing as sugar kiss melons. However, I looked at the tag on the actual fruit, and it said Sugar Kiss Melon. So check the tag to make sure you are getting the right thing. The melon to the left of the sugar kiss melon is called honey kiss melon, and it is really similar and delicious too! It was $4 more than the sugar kiss melon, so I stuck with the less expensive option this time- you're welcome Parker. :)

2. Blistex Lip Medex

When my friends came over to my house when I was younger, they found it humorous/ interesting/ maybe slightly crazy that we have zillions of the same product. Whether it was some type of granola bar, school supply, drink that we really liked, or whatever... when we really like something, we tend to stock up on it. That is the case for this chapstick.

I learned about it through a friend in high school, and I have not found a better chapstick since then. My mom will put it in my Christmas stocking, my Easter basket, or whatever occasion because I love it so much. I am sort of an organization freak (and yes, it kills me that I didn't have one more to stick in that hole on the bottom row), but it gives you a better view of just how many I have/ how much I like it. 

It is the most moisturizing chapstick on the market. The only con is that it doesn't have sunscreen in it, so I do have to use a different chapstick when I am out in the sun. However, I have it located in my tote, my crossbody, my car, and in just about every single room of my house. They sell it at CVS and Walgreens. I highly suggest picking some up next time you're there if you want the most moisturizing chapstick.

3. Plant Self-Watering System

Ok, so these things are new to me. I do not personally own any, but my mom shared this idea with me and I wanted to share it with you because it is such a neat concept. The set I have linked includes 4 plant spikes that hold water bottles or wine bottles (my mom tried both and said water bottles work better than wine bottles). The purpose of this product is to keep your plants from drying out. If you are going out of town or just don't feel like having to water your plants so often, this product is for you. 

How it works- water your plants thoroughly, soak the plant spikes in water, fill recycled water bottles with water, stick the plant spikes (with water bottles in them) into the soil of your plants, and your plants will stay wet and cared for! This way you don't have to water your plants on a daily basis. And you will not come back from vacation to dead plants! 

Maybe if I had invested in these, every plant I have ever owned wouldn't have died. I can't keep a plant alive to save my life, but goodness knows I will try again one day and you better believe I will be paying $13.99 for these plant spikes and hope they are the magical cure for my inability to keep a plant alive!

Have you tried any of these things? What do you think? Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!