Spotlight on Sally Wilson Art

So, I am aware that it might not be the best etiquette to brag about your mom, but what better time to show off her talents than a week and a half away from Mother's Day?! This woman was blessed with an artistic gene. She did not pass it on to my sister or me, but she sure is generous with her art. I don't know what would be on the walls of our house if it weren't for her. Actually I do- Auburn prints, Widespread Panic posters, and other "art" suitable only for a mancave. I shudder just thinking about it. 

My mom is the most humble artist you will meet and insists she is not a "real artist," so she gets uncomfortable with the concept of people paying money for her paintings. Because she is so shy about this, I am taking on the task of telling you that Art Fashion Fun is not just a blog. It is also an online store where my mom's art is sold. With reasonable prices and free shipping on all purchases, we think everyone needs a piece of Sally Wilson Art!

One of the best perks she offers: if you see a design that you like, but not in the colors or size you want, you can custom order a painting in the size and colors of your choice. For example, my sister's best friend wanted a painting to brighten up her mostly tan bedroom. So she chose a style she liked that she found on the Shop tab and told my mom the colors and size she wanted, and my mom is currently in the process of painting that for her (see picture below). Prices are based on size for the most part. If you have any questions or would like to ask about a custom piece made just for you, send an email to

One of the hardest parts about buying art from a website is that you do not get to see it in person before purchasing it. Because of this, I am going to give you a little home tour today to show you how my Sally Wilson Art looks in my house. Some of the paintings you will see are actually for sale. My walls are just giving them a nice, safe home before they are purchased. : ) Click on the Shop tab at the top to take you to the online store, so you can see what is available. Whether it is a painting that is neutral or bright and colorful, Sally Wilson Art brings a classic element of design to every room. I hope you love it as much as we do!

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Living Room, Hallway, and Kitchen

Guest Bedroom and Bathroom (the last two in this category are actually paintings that my mom did for all of my bridesmaids and me for my wedding- I thought they made great gifts!)

My Office

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this little home tour gave you a better idea of what Sally Wilson Art looks like on the walls. Email us or comment below if you have any questions. Or you can click here to be taken to the online store. Have a great day!