My Fashion and Fun Expertise

Education Background:

Undergrad Degrees: Elementary Education, Special Education

Masters Degree: Elementary Education


As you can see, there is absolutely nothing in my education background or in the picture above that is remotely related to fashion. However, I have spent a fabulous 9 months of my life working as a Sales Associate in an adorable high-end boutique.

Craziest story- one of my best friends from college (Hey Celie!) was working for a designer in NYC. When she went to Market, she met the cutest little aunt/niece duo that was opening a boutique in Arkansas. Celie knew Parker and I were moving to Arkansas right after we got married. She said she would connect me with these precious ladies, so I could apply for a job at their boutique. Celie and I truly had no idea if I would even be in the same part of the state as this boutique. However, it just so happened that Parker and I were moving to Fayetteville, and the boutique was opening in Bentonville, which was only about 45 minutes away from Fayetteville! 

So, I filled out the application. I had been teaching first grade since I graduated from college, so when I got to the part about previous experience in retail, I had nothing. I decided to say that I had lots of shopping experience (insert awkward emoji face), and then I sent in my application. Well, a couple of days after we moved into our new house, I went to the boutique and interviewed with the aunt and niece duo. I was so nervous because I had zero prior experience with an interview in this field. I had no clue what to expect. Celie told me to wear a cute, bright colored dress, so I was confident enough in my bright pink dress to take a selfie before the interview, but aside from that, I wasn't confident in anything.


I walk into the boutique and the aunt (who was the owner) was there by herself because the niece (who was the manager) had gone to Starbucks. The owner talks and talks to me. She shows me around the store and tells me all about it. I love this lady immediately!  She asks me some simple questions that anyone could have answered. I was pretty relieved at this point. It was nothing similar to what they put you through in an interview for a teaching position. Then, the manager comes back from Starbucks. The owner catches the manager up a little bit on what we have talked about, and then she asks me if I have any other experience in retail, aside from my shopping experience (yes, she truly referred back to the awkward section on my application). The dreaded question. I have nothing. I have to answer honestly. I say no, there was a boutique in Huntsville that I was very familiar with (Personal Couture), I shopped there frequently, and they carried many of the same designers as your boutique, but I never actually worked there. I thought my chance at getting the job was nonexistent at this point. 

We fortunately transitioned into other conversation and then went into the back to see some of the beautiful clothes that had come in. We kept casually talking for a while before the owner says well, would you like to work here? I wanted to jump with joy! I had always LOVED shopping and fashion. And I was hoping to get a job in a boutique while we were in Fayetteville. I said YES with a smile on my face that you couldn't have paid me to wipe off. 

Like I said, this boutique had many of the same designers as my very favorite boutique in Huntsville. So, fortunately, I was familiar with many of the names I saw. I recognized Trina Turk, Camilyn Beth, Julie Brown, by Smith, Elizabeth McKay, James Jeans, Joie, Yoana Baraschi, and a couple of others. However, a really fun part of this job was getting to learn about more designers of the most beautiful clothes and accessories. I learned about Hutch, Mahi Gold, Plenty by Tracy Reese, Raoul, Sara Campbell, Drew, Cortland Park, Dean Davidson, and others.

I truly could not have had a better 9 months in the retail world. The merchandise was beautiful, it was a fun change from teaching, and the girls I got to work with/for were simply precious. I owe Celie a lot more than a pair of Dean Davidson earrings for making this job happen for me. :)


All I'm going to say here is that I am actually certified as an expert in the fun category. My senior superlative in high school was Most Fun-Loving. I may not be much of an expert in fashion, but with a superlative like that, I am obviously an expert in all things fun. And I have done my best to carry on the fun-loving lifestyle ever since the high school days.


All this to say, I am NO fashion expert. I have had 9 months of experience in the fashion world. It was a fabulous 9 months, but that is obviously not much time at all. The fashion I discuss on this blog is my own style. I felt the need to inform you of this since this is a blog all about art, fashion, and fun. I will however be using my many years of shopping experience to help me with the fashion part of this blog. :)

I hope Art Fashion Fun brings a little happiness to your day! Thank you so much for reading!