A Fancy and Fun Holiday Outfit

If you have been on the lookout for the most fabulous holiday outfit, I have found just that! As soon as I spotted this fun and ruffly top, I knew I had to have it to wear with skirts. And then I stumbled upon this skirt in the sale section, and it was the very last one in the entire store. And it just so happened to be my size. Obviously, it was meant to be!

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This outfit could be worn to holiday parties, on New Year's Eve, or to any event where you want to feel cute! :) And some wonderful news is that the top and skirt are both on sale through tomorrow! The top is 40% off with code TIME2GIVE, and it also comes in a really pretty green. And the skirt is 21% off with no code needed. In my opinion, they both run true to size. 

You may have noticed that I linked self tanner above. :) This is because I was SO pale when I tried this outfit on in the store that I immediately went home and educated myself on how to apply self tanner (that I had been too nervous to try since I bought it 4 months ago). 

I finally found an outfit worthy enough of making me do something about my Casper skin. It was my first experience ever with self tanner, and I was SO happy with it. I have a whole blog post coming soon with all the details. However, if you've been looking for some, the kind I used and 100% recommend is St. Tropez (plus I used the application mitt)

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions about this outfit or self tanner! The ruffly neckline of the top and the metallic print & bow on the skirt are just too cute! This is one of my favorite outfits I've ever shared!

If you're looking for a more colorful holiday look, you can click here to check out another skirt and top that are also on sale! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!