The Perfect Personalized Gift

Something that brings me great joy is buying gifts that I know people will truly love. ANDDD getting these gifts for good prices. :) It's easy to scoop up some scarves and coffee mugs and gift them to all the people on your list. I strive to go in a different direction and put thought into each gift I purchase.

Something I have learned recently is that I actually end up saving money when I purchase one nice gift for someone, as opposed to buying multiple less expensive things. So today, I'm sharing a fabulous personalized gift option, which just so happens to be the gift that Ebie, Parker, and I are giving my mom for Christmas. It also happens to by my favorite (and most used) Christmas gift that I received last year. 

This particular gift I'm talking about is a GiGi New York Madison Crossbody Bag. However, anything by GiGi New York would make a perfect gift. Everything is so well made and beautiful! They also offer the option of personalization. I love alllll things monogrammed, and GiGi New York does them in a simple yet classy gold font.

Some fabulous news is that GiGi New York's Cyber Monday sale is extended through tomorrow at 8 AM, so you can still take advantage of their best sale of the year! They are offering free shipping on orders of $98+, as well as the deals you can check out below.


Madison Crossbody

Like I mentioned above, my favorite bag is the Madison Crossbody. It is the bag that I carry every single day. If I need more storage, I will stick it inside of a tote, and then I don't have to switch my bags completely. However, I honestly don't use a tote nearly as much as I use this bag. It is the perfect size for what I typically carry, and it comes in 8 different colors. We got my mom the black one for Christmas!

IMG_8623 2.jpg

All in One Bag

This bag is so versatile. It can be used as a clutch or as an organizer inside of a tote. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and it comes in 8 fabulous color options.


Catherine Crossbody

The gorgeous color of this bag makes it my spring/summer time bag. However, it now comes in 5 colors that are perfect for all months of the year. The gold hardware that matches the gold initials is my favorite part!


My Mom's Bags

Aren't my mom's bags so cute together?! The 2 smaller bags can be used as organizers inside your tote, or they can be used for other things. I have the cute little zip pouch too and actually use it inside of my Madison crossbody bag to hold my cash and coins.


All of My Favorite GiGi New York Bags

All of these bags come in multiple color options, so if you like a style and not the color, you can click on the picture to check out the other colors it comes in!

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!