October Favorites

I'm sharing my favorite purchases from October today, but my #1 favorite thing about October is my mom's birthday (which is today)! I got my love of celebrating from her, and I personally believe every chance to celebrate needs to be taken! Happy birthday to you Mama, and I cannot wait to continue your celebration in Southaven in a week and a half!


Favorite Dress // Favorite Top // Favorite Outerwear // Favorite Shoes // Favorite Accessory // Favorite Bottoms

Favorite Dress- I got this from a boutique in Memphis called Indigo. However, I found it online at Nordstrom, and I'm so excited to be able to link it for you because it is the most perfect holiday dress! It is the perfect shade of red, super flowy (AKA so comfortable), and has the cutest simple flecked metallic print.

Favorite Top- I fell in love with this sweater as soon as I saw it in store. I got one for my mom and one for me. The ruffle hem is adorable, and it is such a lightweight sweater that you can wear comfortably without getting too warm.

Favorite Outerwear- Vests are so perfect for our current weather situation. You can wear it out when it's still chilly and then easily take it off by the time it warms up. I love this pink one, but it comes in 5 other colors too and is such a steal!

Favorite Shoes- If you have been reading my blog posts the past couple of weeks, I think it is probably pretty obvious to you that I would choose these shoes as my favorite shoes for October. I have the taupe pair. Click here to check them out in black. And do you want to hear something I just discovered???! They also just fully stocked them in nude! Click here to check out the nude pair. For under $40, I'm seriously considering grabbing the nude and black pairs too! I have never gotten more messages about anything I've ever posted. Everyone who has gotten these shoes has loved them and several have said they do not want to take them off, even when they are at home. They are some great ones!

Favorite Accessory- I have never owned a blanket scarf, and I am now obsessed! It adds a little bit of fun and warmth to any outfit!

Favorite Bottoms- I got these on sale when I went to Anthrolpologie a couple weeks ago. They are actually still on sale. This is my first pair of jeans by this brand, and I actually really like the fit. They are midrise and the perfect length! If you're not a fan of leopard print, you can click here to check out the regular denim pair.

Happy Halloween and thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!