A New Day at Target

Have you checked out the line at Target called A New Day? It just keeps getting better and better! I popped into Target yesterday for a couple of things, like K cups and Scrubbing Bubbles, and I somehow managed to end up in the fitting room with the entire A New Day collection. Parker suggested I go to Kroger for the few things on our list, and I just can't figure out why. :)

There are clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories in this line. You might remember these leopard print booties that I got a few weeks ago. I also got these black over the knee boots. These shoes kicked off my excitement about A New Day, and now, as you will see in this post, I also love their clothing!

Outfit Details:   Dress  //  Booties

Outfit Details: Dress // Booties

As I mentioned earlier, I planned on popping into Target to pick up a couple of things on my list. I was in my exercise clothes yet again with no makeup on, so please excuse the not put together look. And also please pretend like I don't have messy hair, a sports bra hanging out, and ankle socks on with the cute clothes I tried on. Pretend like I wore these wedges I shared the other day, my makeup and hair were done, and I had on the appropriate undergarments. And maybe one day I will officially learn my lesson. Until then, let's focus on how adorable this clothing line is!

Chunky Cowlneck Sweater- This is my favorite item of the whole try on session! It was the last item I stumbled upon, and the one (clothing) item I ended up buying. I got Parker to take a normal picture of me in it once I got home because I wanted to show you how cute it is when you actually style it, while looking somewhat presentable. Although my mom didn't care if I looked presentable or not. I sent her the picture straight from the fitting room, and she raced right out to Target. They didn't have it at Target in Mobile, so she ordered it online in green and cream. It's a good one y'all, especially considering it is only $29.99!

Fleece Swing Dress- I have been living in sweatshirt dresses and comfy clothes on the weekends. We don't leave the house very often on gameday, so I am always in some kind of comfy attire on Saturdays. This dress was a little too long on me, but it has pockets and is super soft!


Fleece Tie Waist Dress- The dress above was a little too long and big, but this one's perfect! I would wear this one out of the house. The tie makes it flattering and so cute!


Cozy Cowl Tunic- Can you tell I'm all about comfort these days? This comes in 8 colors and is SO comfortable!


Tie Sleeve Sweater- I only allowed myself to buy one thing from the clothing section, but if I would have gotten 2 things, this would have been my second thing. I LOVE statement sleeves, and I don't have any tops or sweaters that have tie sleeves. This sweater comes in 4 colors and is really soft and pretty.


In these pictures, I was wearing these $10 leggings and these $14.99 high waisted leggings. They both fit nicely, but I can never go back to cotton leggings after experiencing the amazingness of Zella leggings

I'll end with a shot where I have on makeup and no ankle socks. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite looks for fall!

You can click here to shop the A New Day line by category. Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!