Three Things Thursday

I believe the three things I'm sharing with you today are the three most different things I could have ever put together in one post. However, they are three things I've been wanting to share with you lately, so I thought what better way to share them than in a Three Things Thursday post? 

Outfit Details:    Shirt   //   Jeans   //   Shoes   *Thanks so much to Mary Catherine for the help with this photo! :)

Outfit Details: Shirt // Jeans // Shoes *Thanks so much to Mary Catherine for the help with this photo! :)

1. Dry Shampoo- I know I am so late to this game. My roommate used this stuff back in college, and I was never a fan. Now, I have heard from 62 hairdressers how bad it is that I wash my hair every night. I do not like the texture of dry shampoo, and I like going to sleep knowing that I have clean hair. However, after my haircut last week and hearing the same ole speech I always get from hairdressers, I started testing out dry shampoo options.

The two I found at Walmart are Dove and Herbal Essences. I put up a poll on my Instagram account (@artfashionfun) asking which one people preferred, and I got quite a bit of feedback (which is my #1 favorite part about blogging- I LOVE hearing from you!). 

The results:

So far, I have used the Dove one once and Herbal Essences once, and I didn't like either. I think it's going to take me a while to get used to this whole concept of not washing my hair and spraying a product in there. I'm going to try Batiste soon, and I'm hoping I will like that one better.

One product I did buy and LOVE is Garnier Fructis Volumizing Mousse. You put it in your hair while your hair is still damp, and it's supposed to help with volume. I'm throwing this product in with the dry shampoo, although it is not dry shampoo. It is just the one hair product that I actually like and wanted to include.


2. Jesus Calling- In this day and age, people seem to be constantly busy. It is really easy to put our prayer life on hold while we make a cup of coffee, throw on our makeup, and race off to work. Sometimes it is hard to make yourself sit down and focus on the bible because that takes a lot of time and concentration (for me anyway). I picked up my Jesus Calling book several years ago, and it has been something that makes getting in a little prayer time easy. I know it is not new by any means, but if you find yourself wanting to make time for prayer, pick up a Jesus Calling book.

I honestly do not understand how it is so relatable every. single. day. But it is. It is a daily devotional, and I have been using it for several years now. I also picked up a copy of Jesus Always last year. It is another daily devotional written by the same author. I read Jesus Calling in the morning and Jesus Always at night. Both books provide easy ways to get in some quiet time.


3. Dog Costumes- I told y'all this post included the 3 most random things you could ever put together! But oh my goodness, I have come to the conclusion that nothing in life makes me laugh harder than dogs in costumes. I mean like laugh so hard I cry. My family thinks its cruel and torturous. Bailey and Rosie do too. We do not leave them on for long, but for the few seconds these pups turn into lions, pumpkins, or witches, I die.

Parker and I always laugh at the Amazon commercial where the dog is dressed in a lion costume.... so without telling me, Parker ordered 2 lion manes from Amazon. He put one on Bailey, and I bet you could hear my laughter from Southaven, Mississippi. She despises costumes, and lucky for her, the lion mane is too big, and she got it off so easily. But for the first minute it was on her, she sat 100% still and looked up at us with the face you will see below. 


What do y'all think about dry shampoo, Jesus Calling, and pet costumes? (Insert laughing emojis here.) As I mentioned earlier, hearing from you is my favorite thing about this blog, so always feel free to comment, email, or send me any type of message! Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day!